3 Responses to “COVID-19 used as a cover for the coming financial collapse says Ed Dowd”

  1. Occams says:

    As I’ve said in comments on so many articles, I started warning a few in Aug 2019 – 6+ months early. I was watching the Repo Market, and the ‘Fed’ was pumping in a trillion to keep it afloat.

    Every other night.

    So I sat with a family who’s girls I train, he, an ’emerging markets’ investment advisor, and I laid it out;

    “There is NO WAY this can continue, and you must be prepared for a False Flag event to cover this up, because no way in hell is anyone in power going to be seen as ‘responsible’.

    They assured me everything was fine, the Fed’ would do all it can to help people, and I was basically dismissed.

    Now, while I expected another 911 event – a small nuke this time, blamed on our ‘enemies’ -2 months later, Mike Glover, ex-Special Forces was in a podcast and said it would be a ‘virus scare’.

    ‘Brilliant’, I thought.

    So when it began in dec/Jan 2020, I re-warned these people that this was what I’d warned them about, and not to take it seriously.

    But while they masked INSIDE THE HOUSE, ‘locked down’, I sent pics of me traveling and enjoying EMPTY airports and flights (pre-mask stupidity on the airlines); me buying classic pickup trucks on the west coast, me in mainland Mexico, me in Nicaragua (who’s people had never even HEARD of C-19!)….

    All to no avail. Masked their kids, hid, rarely got food, incomes suffered terribly..,.

    And as SOON as it was available, ALL VAXXED.

    And THEN got sick!

    I’m sure they MUST be kind of wondering why I never get sick, and they’re now sick quite often. ‘My’ one family just took a European vacation to visit family;

    “How was the trip?”

    “We all had covid the entire time”

    EVERYTHING is now ‘covid’ because they ALL carry those (predetermined??) ‘test’ kits, so everything is now covid.

    Many clients continually cancel appts because they ‘have covid’.

    A few ‘our friend’s husband/wife/GP’s died’ – but no one directly known.

    So far.

    And they won’t EVER admit some ‘dumb guy’ like myself could POSSIBLY know more than THEM!


    Where ONE EMT a week was the normal – mostly headed to the beach for slips, falls, waves popping them into rocks….


    3-4 PER DAY. NONE going to the beach. Just racing across town.

    Now? I just hope I can keep a roof over my head.

    • ian says:

      Cracking good comment Occams. I can really identify with what you say, especially when they won’t admit that some dumb guy etc. That’s us all on here.

      • Occams says:


        Like I tell my surfboard shaper;

        “Lucky for us, we were too dumb to go get vaxxed…..like all the smart, bright, successful people!”