Covid-19: Exposing the Lies (now available as a paperback and an eBook)

I’ve had trouble with the censors and the crooked media for a long time – many decades – but things got a little hotter in the last two and a half years.

In that time I’ve been attacked by most of the mainstream media – television and newspapers. I’ve been libelled on the internet – mainly by big, powerful sites that work with and for the conspirators but also by a small army of trolls doubtless hired by the security services and drug companies, and I’ve been banned by YouTube – which erased over 100 videos and even banned me from accessing or using YouTube at all – and I’ve been banned by every social media outlet I’m aware of. Early in 2020, when I tried to join Facebook, I was told that I was a danger to their community though personally I would have thought that Mark Zuckerberg was a much greater threat to their `community’ than an old man in a chair could ever be.

I was even expelled from the Royal Society of Arts for daring to tell the truth – of which various governments and the BBC no doubt heartily disapproved, of course. And fake sites in my name have popped up all over the place.

And I’ve had books banned left, right and centre.

My book `Covid-19: Exposing the Lies’ has, at last, been published by Korsgaard Publishing. I won’t tell you where the publisher is based – I don’t want to make things easy for the conspirators – but it’s not the US, the UK or mainland Europe.

The conspirators watch everything I do with malice aforethought. When Korsgaard Publishing recently published `Covid-19: The Greatest Hoax in History’ the publishers had their PayPal account closed within a couple of hours. A second account was set up with a different finance company. That was closed almost as quickly. But they’re still going!

My brand new book, which is called `Covid-19: Exposing the Lies’, contains the transcripts of all my videos made between January 2021 and May 2021, together with articles from The Light paper and elsewhere. Many of the videos were individually banned and deleted by YouTube. Later YouTube banned my channel and, uniquely, banned me from having a channel again or even accessing other videos on YouTube. (I didn’t much mind being banned from using YouTube, to be honest, since I don’t know anyone in the Resistance or Truth movement who still has a channel there.)

The transcripts in this book describe in detail the dangers of the covid-19 jabs and the very real dangers faced by patients.

There are transcript articles explaining that the lockdowns killed 91,000 people in the UK in 2020 alone, articles offering startling facts about covid and the flu and pointing out why the PCR test is useless. There are transcripts on the horrors of social credit and why the elderly are deliberately being forgotten.

All that appeared in the first six months of 2021 but it’s all still valid and it shows just how long the conspirators have known about the dangers of the covid jab and how successful they’ve been at damaging and killing the innocent, the naïve and the fearful.

If you’d like to buy a copy of `Covid-19 Exposing the Lies’, the link below will take you direct to the publisher’s website.

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  1. Gordon says:

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    I particularly liked the two very truthful comments.