CIA threats to Zelensky. Is Boris’ trip to Kiev a good moment to strike?

(19) Odessa port missile strike. Orban warns collective west. Boris throws a grenade. Update 1 – YouTube

Taking out Zelensky is a stepping stone in upgrading the Ukraine crisis into a European crisis.  If some one is assassinated it could well be a  double of Zelensky, as with Hitler in the bunker, and similar – and not Zelensky himself.  Maybe Miles W Mathis will unravel whatever is going to take place next.

Perhaps Boris Johnson’s trip to Kiev would be a great moment to eliminate two ‘doubles’ with one stone.

The only sure thing is that whatever takes out Zelensky, Boris or both, it won’t be the Russians that do it.

There never were two better buffoons to take on as your enemies.




2 Responses to “CIA threats to Zelensky. Is Boris’ trip to Kiev a good moment to strike?”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    Video – CNN POLE shows Americans not supporting war in Ukraine.

    By Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams

    Watch politicians begin to change their tune as a brand new CNN/SSRS poll shows the majority of Americans opposing Biden’s Ukraine policy. With out of control inflation and a lurking economic catastrophe, blaming everything on “Putin’s price hike” is backfiring on the Administration. Also today: A new Gallup poll shows historic lows in Americans’ confidence in media. And: Mexico’s president calls Assange the best journalist of our time.

    • Tapestry says:

      Would Americans be too bothered if a lame duck British Prime Minister (or rather a double) were to be zapped along with a Zelensky double while BJ is visiting Kiev? It might get a headline or two, at least, and be used to justify some kind of escalation! Sullivan’s hinted as to what is to come as regards the Zelensky character. Why not throw in a grisly end for the Boris character at the same time?