Chris Sky – Tell Government to “Go F!X! Yourself” – July 25, 2022

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Agenda 2030 calls for the destruction of farming and insects replacing animal protein

In a recent interview with George Keman, Chris Sky reveals-

-> Tamara Lich nominated for Nobel Peace Prize. Chris Sky complains she refused to meet him.
-> Four year olds in Ontario can choose their genders without their parents’ knowledge. Parents can be charged if they find out and object.
-> Canadian Health Honcho Theresa Tam is a man. No pics at her/him Nottingham University alma mater.
-> Mask mandates will return to Ontario & Quebec shortly
-> New Ontario Health Chief works for Pfizer
-> Pfizer about to expand monkeypox testing and create panic
-> They plan to introduce Lyme disease vaccine
-> They are going to muddy the waters by injecting you with so many vaccines, no one will be able to discipher which one caused what damage
-> Their goal is a 50% reduction in farming. Holland nitrogen laws are about to be enacted in the Canada and the US.
-> Bill Gates owns the federally subsidized, largest ever, bug farm in London Ont.  — Watch the Interview

(Disclaimer – Visited Superstore here in Winnipeg this morning and food, including meat, is plentiful and generally as cheap as ever. I’ll believe the fearmongering when I start to see empty shelves.  Walmart just announced they need to cut prices to reduce bloated inventories.)

ESG Is a Globalist ‘Scam’ Meant to Usher In ‘One World Government’: James Lindsay


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Chris Sky – Tell Government to “Go F!X! Yourself”