China not impressed with puny Royal Navy response to Russian submarines

Sohu: the British fleet was disgraced when meeting with the Russian Navy in the North Sea


The maneuvers of the Russian Navy in the North Sea have led to the shame of the British fleet.

Such data was shared by military experts from China.

The British Navy was considered one of the strongest in the world a few decades ago, but today it cannot boast of its former greatness. According to Chinese experts, the recent meeting of British sailors with Russian submarines in the North Sea is an excellent confirmation of this.

This is reported by Sohu. PolitRussia presents an exclusive retelling of the article.

“The empire, which once had the most powerful navy in the world, has gone into decline,” the authors of the Chinese edition note.
Some time ago, representatives of the Royal Navy issued an unusually detailed press release in which they talked about an incident involving two Russian submarines. According to them, the British ship HMS Portland tracked the submarines of the Russian Navy “Severodvinsk” and “Vepr” in the North Sea. The latter were heading to St. Petersburg to celebrate the Day of the Navy and surfaced several times during their journey.

As noted in China, the British military tried to present a rather ordinary episode of the life of the navy as something heroic. However, they failed to do so. Moreover, Britain actually publicly confirmed its shame.

“Two Russian nuclear submarines approached the British Isles, and the Royal Navy was so helpless that it was able to send only one ship towards them,” experts from China said.
The Russian submarine Severodvinsk is one of the most dangerous ships in the world. She is not only well-armed, but also quite inconspicuous. No less formidable is the Vepr multi-purpose submarine. And all that the British fleet could oppose to these ships was one frigate of type 23 HMS Portland. The forces of the opponents at that moment were incommensurable, the ships of the Russian Navy significantly outnumbered their opponents.

In China, they ironically stated that the once formidable maritime power of Great Britain was able to find only one ship to meet two serious opponents. All this is rather shameful for London, which continues to regularly declare its maritime ambitions.


2 Responses to “China not impressed with puny Royal Navy response to Russian submarines”

  1. danceaway says:

    “The empire, which once had the most powerful navy in the world, has gone into decline,” the authors of the Chinese edition note.

    Classic understatement!!

    Brian Gerrish of UKColumn has been documenting this ever since he left the Royal Navy. The Navy has become a joke. What ships are left spend their time ashore being repaired; the water is too warm or too cold for them to cope. Aircraft carriers with no aircraft. Huge morale problems among the crew; Satanism an approved religion in the Royal Navy. It goes on and on…..

  2. newensign says:

    Yes it is a sad state of affairs, but then it must be patentently obvious that it is a deliberate policy to weaken the west now that the usurpers of western governments have stolen all our wealth and getting ready to run to their bolthole in the Far East.
    Russia now has a new sub – the Belgorod, which recently entered service, is the longest submarine in the world.
    The previously largest submarine in the world was the Soviet-built Dmitry Donskoy.