Boris’ contribution to Britain’s shame


Nothing can prepare you for an event like this.

Nothing can prepare you before you watch this recording.

You can look at the most awful things and walk away mostly untouched if you see such things often enough.

But nothing can prevent your emotions from bursting in sympathy and sadness when you share this moment with these parents.

Nothing can.

This is not a movie.

This is not a news report.

This is real.

Human life.  And death.  Of a child.


And then we must realise that it is our own government that is knowingly providing the weaponry to carry out these acts.

If you do not feel terrible shame for failing to stop this, then you are out of touch with your own humanity.

Support only political parties that oppose arming Ukraine.

Robin Tilbrook’s English Democrats are the only one with a heart.

Do not vote for any major party ever again.

Conservative.  Labour.  Lib Dem.  They are no more.  They die in this moment.  Not the child whose spirit lives on in the love of its parents,

and whose life was stolen by our country’s folly, ignorance and evil, in combination.

For politicians who support this there is no hope, but for the rest of us, we are still human, aren’t we?

And we can see what is right and wrong.   So why don’t we act?


5 Responses to “Boris’ contribution to Britain’s shame”

  1. Aldous says:

    G’day Tap.
    I’m a tad confused by your promoting of the English Democrats and Robin Tilbrook.
    He clearly wouldn’t be allowed to achieve or change anything,
    The English Democrats can’t even hold onto their electoral deposits (£1000?) by a very wide margin. Their votes are miniscule.
    They are surely part of the problem and not of any solution. Voting is for shmucks.
    No one is going to get rid of or win over these out and out traitors and mass murdering bastards at any of their dodgy ballot boxes.
    Russia and Putin are showing what is necessary to confront such evil and it all boils down to blood, sweat and tears. Certainly not a dodgy ballot box controlled and monitored by the satanic Zionist scum.

  2. Tapestry says:

    The ballot box is only delusional at the best of times Aldous, but you mustn’t give the Satanists a free run in the political arena in its totality. Words are powerful. messages are powerful. The spiritual realm is powerful. You are possibly being tricked into doing nothing by the Satanic media. If nothing is possible then let’s all roll over and die, and save ourselves the bother. Or stand up and fight… Your instincts are good, but you have to act.

  3. Aldous says:

    I’m definitely not rolling over and dying Tap and I haven’t been tricked into anything that I’m aware of.
    Wifey and I only put on the ‘satanic media’ occasionally for a bloody good laugh.
    I just don’t get this notion that the English Democrats are going to change anything. They simply won’t be allowed to which should be obvious.
    Their votes are virtually non-existent and even if they were, the criminal cabal would deal with it.
    Am I missing something here?

  4. Tapestry says:

    News channels – blogs – can have influence. So can political parties. Why do ‘they’ put in so much effort into preventing political parties from gaining traction? ‘They’ know that humans will move their opinion more easily if there is a group to join which shares the same view. They want us operating as separated individuals, not as organised groups. Please don’t comply by standing separate when there are many others who want to join you, and want you to join them? Elections are important. It’s case of do nothing or do something. No one promises success. Same went for anti-Euro and anti-EU campaigning twenty years ago. Very few were interested. Yet later a movement grew from tiny beginnings. It’s good for the spirit to campaign for hopeless causes. If they are right, they are not hopeless.