Beijing explains what ‘international community’ means to Western media

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman posted a map depicting the mainstream media’s perception of the world

Beijing explains what ‘international community’ means to Western media

When the Western mainstream media talks about the ‘international community,’ it actually means the West and its allies, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian has said.

“What does ‘International Community’ mean?” Zhao wrote on Twitter on Wednesday as he posted two maps.

The first map, titled ‘The International Community,’ depicts all the countries of the world, painted red.

On the second map, only the US, Canada, the European states, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea are highlighted in red. The Middle East and the rest of Asia, as well as the whole of Africa, Central and South America, and Russia are gray. Zhao described the map as: “‘The International Community’ according to Western mainstream media.”

In late June, the diplomat criticized NATO for describing China as a “challenge” in its revised strategic concept.

“People of the world see clearly that China presents valuable opportunities for world peace and development. It does not pose ‘systemic challenges’, as wrongly purported by NATO,” Zhao told reporters at the time.

“NATO claims to be a regional defensive alliance, but it has constantly sought to make advances into new areas and domains and waged wars in various countries in the world. NATO has the blood of their people on its hands,”the diplomat said.

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