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AV12 – An Invitation from Brian Gerrish
The Alternative View Conference returns after a two year hiatus and it is back with a bang. Under a new team and in the spirit of Ian R Crane we bring you ideas, views, info and research that the mainstream would rather you didn’t have. Join us on the 4th September 2022 for a full day event where we will review the last two years, take stock of where we find ourselves and let our speakers share their current research and give their opinions on what to expect in the coming months. We are in a war both spiritual and physical and coming together in peace is a powerful way to transverse this challenging period. Join me your host and the team for AV12. The Shift has well and truly hit the fan
Tickets available now at: www.alternativeview.co.uk
Inspired by Ancient Prophecy
The Alternative View founder Ian R Crane was always intrigued and fascinated with the spiritual beliefs and prophecies of indigenous cultures. Over the years he made several trips to the ancient sites of the world, traveled the Inca trail and spent years learning and studying the wisdom the ancients had to offer.Driven by a desire to know more, in June 2010 Ian made the pilgrimage to Cusco, Peru, intending to visit the ancient monuments of Machu Picchu. Through an unexpected set of circumstances he found himself spending many hours with the wisdom keepers of the Inca, the Q’Ero. As synchronicity would have it, one of the Q’Ero spoke perfect English and offered to translate. Ian spent many days with the Q’Ero and the translator and was given a deep and intimate look in to their knowledge and the prophecies which they urgently wanted to share with the wider world. The Inca prophecies relating to a forthcoming shift and the challenges and opportunities it will offer. In essence. A shift is coming, it’s energetic, it will affect consciousness on earth and we had better prepare. Read more…
“A Shift Is Coming… We Had Better Prepare…”
AV – A New Team With New ideas
In May 2022 a new team was put in place to continue the project Ian loved. Driven by the desire to keep his vision and spirit alive, the team are embracing new technologies, new ideas and new formats to expand the potential and reach of AV. A new project name of Alternative View Events Will give greater scope for a variant of types of event and format and offer a bigger brighter future for Ian’s vision.
The first production of the new team will be AV12 in September 2022. This again will be a live stream broadcast which will allow the team to find their feet and settle in to their roles. The goal is to return to the much loved hotel format for The Alternative View 13Conference in 2023 world events permitting. After that, we’ll let the universe and Ian guide us but already we have plans for smaller talks with one or two speakers in a more intimate setting. Audio presentations and interviews under the banner The Alternative View Presents are also in the pipeline. Read More…
AV12 Info and Tickets
For full information on AV12 or to book tickets please visit our new website:
AV 12 Speakers and Schedule
The full list of speakers and a comprehensive event schedule are available on our schedule page:
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