As the English Democrat Party, we want the English public to know that we are determined to protect the economic and political rights of the English people throughout this war.

Re: Press Release – About arms supply to Ukraine

The National Council of English Democrats voted unanimously on Saturday 25 June 2022 to oppose any more weapons of war or subsidies to Ukraine.

As you know, England ranks second after the USA among the countries that send military aid to Ukraine. We oppose Boris Johnson’s and the “Conservative” Government’s program of subsidizing Ukraine’s arms supplies in the war with Russia.

As English nationalists we are concerned about the policy of Prime Minister Boris Johnson to protect the interests of our great nation.

We do not find it right for England to openly side with one of the warring parties in this war. England’s biggest aim in this war is to ensure that the war lasts short and to produce policies that will cause the least interruption in the agricultural products, oil and gas supply necessary for the English people. We, as the English Democrat Party, believe that all English people should know that we are the biggest defenders of the economic and political interests of the English people, instead of being a supporter of a war wherever in the world.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson publicly expressed his support for the Ukrainian people by addressing the Ukrainian parliament in the video conference he attended in May 2022, saying “You have put an end to the myth that Putin is invincible”. We deeply regret that it was the Prime Minister who made this unfortunate statement. Mr. Boris Johnson is in a difficult situation politically and economically at home. By getting involved in the Ukraine – Russia war, he tries to draw the attention of the British voters in different directions. Mr. Boris Johnson’s political statements and actions pose a serious threat to English People’s interests.

We support the call by Nick Baines, Bishop of Leeds of the Church of England, that the war must end with the concession of the Ukrainian Government in this Russian ethnic majority territory.

The Daily Mail newspaper, which encourages the British and US ex-soldiers who went to fight against the Russian invaders in Ukraine, does not hesitate to use the headline ‘Now we challenge Putin’. We want it to be known that the irresponsible reporting approach of the Daily Mail, which is a supporter of Boris Johnson and the “Conservative” Government, does not reflect the opinion of the entire English public.

We would also like to point out that we do not approve of the step taken by Lithuania to block Russian access to the Russian enclave in Kaliningrad. This is a dangerous and irresponsible step that increases the risk of war between NATO and Russia.

The cost of the war will be paid by the surrounding peoples and governments. Energy prices will rise with the war. This means that poverty will increase.

We, as the English Democrat Party, believe that the economic welfare level of the English people should not accelerate downwards with the decisions taken by Boris Johnson. Unfortunately, due to this war between Russia and Ukraine, we believe that militarist and totalitarian rhetoric will have the opportunity to gain power, just like before the second world war.

As the English Democrat Party, we want the English public to know that we are determined to protect the economic and political rights of the English people throughout this war.

Via Erhan Engin, with additions to the original English Democrats National Council Press Release, and commentary.


5 Responses to “As the English Democrat Party, we want the English public to know that we are determined to protect the economic and political rights of the English people throughout this war.”

  1. newensign says:

    Good Stuff Tap, but its a pity no party has its manifesto or will not talk about the 2 main planks needed to restore our country that is 1) Money – its creation to be a fair measure of value, instead of being in the hands of a foreign power. 2) Return to common law and courts.

  2. Tapestry says:

    The manifesto is normally on the website covering just such issues and I was about to send you a link Newensign but it’s not visible at this moment. I’ve notified the party and it should reappear.

    It’s back

    Legal system 2.12

    Economic Independence 3.4

    Is that of interest?

    • newensign says:

      Many thanks for that Tap. A lot to read and very good compared to other parties. Sad to see they use the tyrannical term “enforce the Law” instead of uphold the law! My concern is, they do not mention how they will take back control of the government from the City of London who appoint the permanent secretaries! Peter Mandelson said, “If voting made a difference we wouldn’t do it!

  3. newensign says:

    I forgot to say, it was good that EDP wish to restore our old county boundaries. It should be parishes as well!

  4. Tapestry says:

    Please be aware that were it not for voting Britain would be in the Euro. And there would be no Brexit of any kind (Partial or otherwise). If minor parties start making waves, the major parties move their positions. In the 1980s tax rates were up to 98% on income. Voting helped bring taxes down to more reasonable levels for a while. Now IHT is throttling families and other taxes are starting to hurt employment. It is worth the effort of working out where we need to go and trying to get there. As for ‘enforcement’ Robin Tilbrook is a solicitor and he gets most frustrated with judges that fail to do that. Support him please and we might get some purchase onto the system at some point. Otherwise we are all mincemeat.