8 Responses to “Any thoughts?”

  1. danceaway says:

    School term ends 21 July. So 15 July date stated would be before families leave for summer holidays. 15 July is a Friday.

  2. danceaway says:

    Very little happens in the last four days of school – school plays etc. All academic work completed; a general free for all. So it would be fine to just shutter things on the 15th.

  3. danceaway says:

    Fairford Air Show is weekend of 15-17. Big event. Would they cancel that? Ticketed and expensive.

  4. ian says:

    It seems odd danceaway. If however there is an event, eg mass deaths in an area, let’s say London, then it might be feasible. It could likely be arranged by 5G, or something in the water? Even by the magic of TV. The war thing which I have all along believed was just a stall tactic, possibly now seems a lot more likely if US and UK boots are there in numbers.
    It all seems possible but will need an event, is what I feel.

  5. newensign says:

    The date 15th July links in with the enemy’s numerology if one takes into account previous connected events:
    7th June Proclamation re removal of fiat currency, replaced by gold & silver
    7th July Boris resigns Bill Gates flies in to formally sack Boris? 7th July = 77 (7 x 11) 11 the number of Gog who will come and take a great spoil—-Similar numerology as the 777 London Bombing!!
    7 days to the start of lockdown and 38 after the 38 days later 3 + 8 = 11
    Gen 4:15 And the LORD said unto him, Therefore whosoever slayeth Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold.

  6. NPP says:

    Just don’t do it. Do not give silly ideas or silly people or silly thoughts energy. 15 July will be absolutely lovely for bare open faces everywhere…

  7. Gordon says:

    Clearly my two penny bit worth of comment amounted to F/all after being sent for approval and denied. Sometimes I really do wonder about the blog needing to expand the narrative. It was only ever a comment!