Alexander Mercouris’ detailed analysis of the recent events in Ukraine – 3 July 2022

Alexander Mercouris at his best.

Dissects the most recent events in Ukraine: the relatively rapid success of the Chechen and Cossack forces resulting in complete Russian control of the Lugansk region. Very detailed analysis.

Significance of red flag – not symbol of political alliance but of victory.

Compares US vs Russian style of leadership of troops and how this may be contributing to Russian success, for the Ukrainians feel abandoned when their commanders are in the rear, being essentially accustomed to the Russian style until 2014 when the US began training the 6000 strong force and enlarged it to half a million. The Ukrainians come from a different culture and philosophy. American way of war may not export well to other cultures, ie failures in Afghanistan and Ukraine in two years.

Russians now on the way to securing Donbass; repairing railway lines, simplifying logistics, straightening their lines.

BBC almost disappointed that their dissidents in Russia cannot find evidence of as many Russian casualties as they would like to report in relation to Ukrainian losses.

Alexander discusses his views of how events will develop going forward, and cites two American sources whose views are not those of those making the decisions in Washington.

Extremely comprehensive analysis throughout.

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