Alexander Mercouris – 28 July – Ukraine and Taiwan Update

Russia Breakthrough Against Ukraine’s Donetsk Fortifications, Western MSM Focuses on Kherson, US Navy Carrier to Taiwan


Alexander reports that Russian forces have had a significant breakthrough in the fortifications constructed by the Ukrainians in Donetsk. The MSM is celebrating the attacks on the bridge, but Alexander points out that he does not think that there has been a war won because of a bridge. Rather it appears that it was the American and British Intelligence which convinced the Europeans that Russia is fragile and would fold easily under Sanctions, which has not proved to be so, and now it is the Europeans who are suffering; therefore the Intelligence Agencies are at risk of losing their credibility, so are busily focussing on convincing everyone that victory is just around the corner, just hold on a bit longer, suffer a bit more, it will be worth it in the end……

However, Alexander views the building tension in the South China Sea as very dangerous; the Chinese have warned the US three times not to send Pelosi but it does not appear they are going to change course. There are military analysts who do not believe that the US would win in a conflict with the Chinese.


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  1. danceaway says:

    ⚡🇺🇸🇹🇼🇨🇳A carrier strike group led by the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan entered the South China Sea in the direction of the Taiwan Strait.

    The Pentagon is increasing its military presence in the region ahead of a possible visit by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan. #share