Alex Christoforou on the POW missile strike, Lavrov, and the NYT – 30 July

Missile strike on POW  facilty – two conflicting  narratives;  Pentagon/Kirby will not confirm, “don’t have any definitive information.” This is a dead give-away . Normal for Pentagon to immediately accuse without waiting for evidence.

Lavrov has spoken with Blinken; Lavrov, always the diplomat, keeps doors open. First time they have spoken since beginning of SMO. Conversation reported to be frank and direct; that means a pretty tense conversation. Aside from that, do not know much.

NYT reporting Russia has suffered loss of 75.000 troops, and troops are “bogged down and tired.” This is a fabrication. No one knows the losses on either side. However, given that planned war games drill in the East of Russia is going ahead at the end of August in spite of the SMO, it would appear that the majority of Russian military  forces are not involved in Ukraine.

The NYT report is a sales pitch, not reporting. It is a marketing presentation to keep up the sale of  weapons for its friends in the MIC, so other countries will continue to purchase the HIMARS which are apparently making such a miraculous difference and defeating the Russians.

Latvia demanding transiting Russians to condemn their own country, but buying Russian gas through a middleman.


Alex interesting to listen to as always; he has his own unique approach and knowledge base ( he comes from an Ambassadorial family).