3 Responses to “A Morecambe Bay Paramedic Walks Away from the NHS”

  1. squodgy says:

    A dot joiner? A man with a conscience? The Dam cracking?
    Just as the tidal wave of AZ strokes/clots comes in.
    Wish him luck as the damage limitation hit squad trash him.

  2. ian says:

    Without meaning anything negative to this obviously decent individuals, it will likely be low ranking individuals, again, no disrespect intended, who cut and go. Doctors with families and reasonably large “mortgages”, ie “deathgrip”, won’t so easily quit. Al Oaths and morals won’t keep you afloat. Many easily earning £100,000, for a physically easy job, are not going to jack in for a job at Tescos. It’s easy killing people if you’re not going to get into trouble. Most, or at least all the Doctors I have had personal dealing with, are arrogant and patronising.

  3. squodgy says:

    Agreed. It seems those instrumental in carrying out this genocidal plan have been either bought, brainwashed or blackmailed with Mossad dirt.