5 Responses to “Worldwide Lockstep Orchestrated Travel Pandemonium – Hugo Talks”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    Is there an aviation fuel shortage ?

    There will probably be a change of western elites according to recent tweets from the UK Russian embassy

    22 Jun, 2022 15:19
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    BRICS developing global reserve currency – Putin
    It will be based on a currency basket of the five-nation bloc, according to the Russian president
    BRICS developing global reserve currency – Putin
    © Getty Images / Jorg Greuel

    President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that the BRICS countries – Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa – are currently working on setting up a new global reserve currency.

    “The issue of creating an international reserve currency based on a basket of currencies of our countries is being worked out,” he said at the BRICS business forum.

    Use a VPN


  2. sovereigntea says:

    The Day the Dollar Die


  3. danceaway says:

    Your question about a fuel shortage, and mention of the tweet from the Embassy are both very interesting, sovereigntea. We need to be watching both developments.