22 Responses to “Worldwide Economic Collapse Is The Plan! – SANITY FOR SWEDEN”

  1. paullewis says:

    yeah as Obama said – we aint got time for a meeting of the flat earth society – the guy one the video needs to do some thinking as the earth dont spin and the gravity theory doesnt hold up – a force so powerful to keep the oceans flat but so weak that birds can fly – yeah for sure

  2. David 2 says:


    Copernicus stated that the Universe is a sphere and within the Universe everything corresponds to a sphere ie there are no straight lines in nature, everything has a cycle, sound moves in waves, all body joints are curved for circular movement, etc.

    There may be a flat Earth, but you will first have to find a flat Universe.

  3. paullewis says:

    live feed of spinning globe
    water finds its level
    copernicus – was he another freemason?
    the swedish guy needs to do more research and more thinking

    • ian says:

      Hi Paul, if a bird was of the same weight and flexibility as seawater/volume, it would be unlikely to be able to fly. The motion of planets in orbit, ie their elliptical orbit, allowed Newton to calculate that attraction by gravity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance between the objects. If the earth doesn’t spin, then how do we get night and day.

    • ian says:

      I admit that it’s an improvement on the artificial lights the flat earthers used to claim were planets. I still go with the spherical, or near enough earth. It explains everything we know and have done for hundreds of years. What about curvature, what about the fact that the seasons are reversed northern and southern hemisphere, what about the different spin direction ditto. I could go on, but I won’t.

  4. paullewis says:

    how far away is the light source to create the angles – 96 million miles? or a hell of a lot closer

    • ian says:

      That is total crap. The focus point of the light rays are lower than gliders and hot air balloons, geese etc fly.

      • David 2 says:

        Ian, you are blessed with a very analytical intellect. I will remember not to argue with you on a point of fact.

        Paul, we all try out theories. The Swedish guy included. It is called using our intellect. Copernicus used his intellect 500 years ago and was the first person to deduce, that the Earth moves around the sun. He had an amazing life and some of his other astute deductions have yet to be understood.

      • ian says:

        Thanks David. We are all the same, but exquisitely different in infinite ways. We are all on the same side though, which is great.

  5. paullewis says:

    so many cant take the globe lie as they were indoctrinated with it from a very early age – question everything and i mean everything

  6. paullewis says:

    if it was 96 million miles away (how did they measure that) there wouldn’t be these angles. The light source is a lot closer to the clouds.

    • ian says:

      Yes it’s only about 800 ft or so high below the hang gliders.

      • paullewis says:

        about 10,000 miles up at a guess – or 96 million miles away as per the freemason deception

    • ian says:

      I can assure you, that I have personally taken photographs of a sea wind farm where the windmill blades are in the sea if there is no curvature.

  7. paullewis says:

    sea level does not curve on a spinning ball water always fills the container and its surface is flat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAHBzKM_j2A

    • ian says:

      I’ve had all this before Paul, if I could refute every last detail that you post, it’ll be, well what about this or what about that. I have better things to do than watch flat earth videos all day, and likely no-one else looks at them. Flat Earth is fake, but is so well supported that I think it is a government psyop. It discredits its adherents. I’m not replying any more paul. I have better things to do. I wish you no ill feelings, and I wish you well.