Will Europe break with Washington?

Gonzalo Lira explains.

When Europe wakens to the fact of Russian military victory in Ukraine, what will they do next?  The European economy is collapsing – immigration, fuel shortages, cold, hunger.  It’s coming.  It will have effects.  Only Russia will be able to supply collapsing Europe’s need for fuel, food and commodities.

Putin won’t play ball unless Europe agrees to break with Washington.   Lira argues his points very well.  No swearing this time which helps.  As the saying goes, you can learn from a fool!  His language too is highly entertaining, it has to be said.

Russia is autarchic……the only country in the world that can get by without anyone else -no need for Apple i Phones or BMWs.  Europe OTOH needs gas, oil, commodities and food.  They need Russia to survive.


One Response to “Will Europe break with Washington?”

  1. newensign says:

    I agree with what Gonzalo Lira says, but I don’t think he realises that most of the western governments are controlled by the same people who are now in power in the Ukraine and their aim is to destroy the West, otherwise in such a dire situation, why would the UK Government offer farmers a large sum to stop farming? London, wouldn’t let its USA fiefdom go without a fight!