The stretch where they are asking people to stay out of the water covers a huge part of the sea off west Wales – from a few miles north of Fishguard in Pembrokeshire, stretching all along Ceredigion and up towards Bardsey Island in north Wales.This includes the sea off popular Welsh tourists spots such as Llangrannog, New Quay and Aberaeron. You can get the latest WalesOnline newsletters e-mailed to you directly for free by signing up here.

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As a result of the trials, which are expected to run between 9am and 4.30pm every weekday for three weeks, sailors, fishing crew, and anyone who would enter the sea in the mapped area seen below is urged not to do so.

The yellow circle shows the area that the Ministry of Defence have asked people to avoid© MOD Aberporth The yellow circle shows the area that the Ministry of Defence have asked people to avoidA message from MOD Aberporth has been sent to local activity clubs along the stretch in question. A spokesman for the MOD said: “We have a trial activity coming up which starts on June 6, running for three weeks (unless if they complete earlier). Unfortunately this trial has one of the biggest weapon safety traces that we use, which results in us needing to keep most of the bay clear of shipping.

“Hopefully the map below gives you an idea of the size of the safety trace (yellow circle – 18NM), and we realise that it is a lot to ask but can you remain clear of this area from 9am through to 4.30pm each weekday (not weekends). We realise that the sailing season is now getting underway and that you have a lot of activities planned, but can we ask that you make your members aware of our Trial activity and ask that they steer around the safety area during this period please.”

The MOD spokesman added that they will be making hourly broadcasts on IMM channel 16 and 11 throughout the days in question, and that anyone who wishes more information should contact 01239 813 760.”

Robert Harries  

Huge part of sea off Welsh coast off limits due to safety reasons (

TAP – It looks like a cover story – either to do with Sellafield or possibly to do with an incident involving a nuclear submarine.  Why would the government deliberately release a highly toxic substance in concentrated form for a test?  They wouldn’t.  It would be more consistent with an event which took place in Cardigan Bay than stuff coming down from Sellafield.  What kind of event?  The sinking of a submarine?