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Weather Anomalies Occurring Around the World – Snow in June – Cold but Beautiful


June-uary! Winter returns to Mount Washington, New Hampshire with snow, ice and below-freezing temperatures – hiker dies


2022-06-20 12:59:00


Winter returned to Mount Washington, NH, over the weekend with a couple of inches of snow, below-freezing temperatures, and icing affecting the peak.

Check out these beautiful pictures shared by the Mount Washington Observatory.


A view of our June-uary weather this morning. The higher terrain of NH and ME will continue to see winter-like conditions through the day and into Sunday evening (June 19, 2022). Elevations above 4500 feet will continue to experience ambient air temperatures close to or below freezing, high winds (which will make it feel even colder on exposed skin), for summits in the clouds, rime/glaze ice coating everything, and some summits could even see some additional light snow accumulations (in addition to the 1.3 inches of snow/sleet that has fallen so far). Icy/snowy trail conditions can be expected in areas. If not adequately prepared, hypothermia and even frostbite can occur, especially with prolonged exposure. Winter weather could affect operations on/around Mt Washington and other mountain related operations around NH/ME. Please check websites or social media feeds and/or contact various services in advance to see if their operations might be affected on the day(s) you might be interested in visiting.


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  1. ian says:

    Global warming.