US and British teach Ukrainian army how to penetrate soft targets

Vanished video returns to haunt Zelensky

Ukranian POW “battle faggot” anally raped under orders by his own commander.

Hat tip Mihail for the summary.

video circulating earlier taken offline about Ukrainian servicemember Khodyukov Ivanovich. He was born in 1988 and was captured by the Russians. He was born in Novosibirsk, but he moved to Ukraine at age 3.

He was in Ukraine’s territorial defense since February 26. He served in the capacity known as ‘Battle Faggot’ for the Ukrainian officers. In Ukrainian, this means the unit commander had him ‘under the tail.’ He stated he was under orders to take it anally and was raped repeatedly by the Western Trained Ukrainian officers.

Mr. Ivanovich stated to the Russians he was “NOT’ a homosexual, but was under director orders to ‘take it’ from his Ukrainian Superiors. Apparently, ‘Battle Faggots’ are very common now in the Ukrainian Army and Territorial Defense. The Western Trained Ukrainian officers have taken a liking to young Ukrainian men in preference to women. This likely stems from the preferences of the American, Polish and British officers who trained them.

The commander’s call sign was Ghost, and he said he was assigned the role of Battle Faggot to Ukrainian commander Alexander Yurievich. However, he said there were many Battle Faggots, each assigned to bend over for a different officer. This was the second unit, 120th battalion, 113 brigades, Kharkiv TRO. However, this happens all over Ukraine’s army now.

Obviously this is bad for morale & the long term prospects of those giving the orders.

Please circulate far & wide.


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