Ukraine Bombarded Donetsk, Including Bombing a Maternity Hospital, Then Claimed Russian Did It

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Eva K Bartlett

On June 13, Ukraine unleashed a torrent of bombing all over Donetsk city, killing six civilians, including one child, and injuring tens more. My article on this:…

The Ukrainian shelling began late morning, resumed in the afternoon, and continued heavily for another two hours in the evening, a deafening series of blasts throughout the city, terrorizing residents and targeting apartment buildings, civilian infrastructure, industrial buildings, a gas station, hospitals, schools and a kindergarten.

Locals say this was some of the heaviest bombing of Donetsk since 2014.

One of the hospitals targeted was a busy maternity hospital with dozens of patients inside, an Uragan MLRS rocket going through the roof. Thankfully, they had taken shelter in the basement when the shelling started earlier in the day, so none of the women were killed as they might have been if in the delivery, gynecology or other top floor departments.

Even now, three days after the June 13 bombings, there is little mention of the maternity hospital or even of Donetsk itself being bombed by Ukraine.

Keep in mind this is the same western corporate-owned media that shrieked for weeks in March that Russia had bombed a maternity hospital in Mariupol, killing three. The reality emerged that Ukrainian Nazi Azov forces had expelled the hospital staff in late February (so, prior to the alleged air strike), militarized the hospital, and staged a hoax, including setting off explosives to incriminate Russia.


Mariupol hospital hoax…

*Volnovakha Physician: Ukrainian forces occupied the hospital, mined the ICU entrance……

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