They’re spraying ‘stuff’ at night

2,518 views Jun 29, 2022 I found this on telegram today from Queensland Australia! This “fog” never touches the ground and it’s electrically charged! We’re breathing this crap into our lungs! Pray pray pray for Psalm 91 protection! They are assaulting us 247 now!  Don’t Speak News.

TAP – Is this targeted on rural areas?

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2 Responses to “They’re spraying ‘stuff’ at night”

  1. Gordon says:

    “The American Government has created Weather Tampering Techniques so that the NWO will be able to starve millions of Americans and control the rest.”

    Senate Hearing US Military Will Use Weather to Starve Millions of Americans

  2. Gordon says:

    “TAP – Is this targeted on rural areas?”

    Well yes, there is no escape from it.

    A couple of years ago I was visiting my neighbour and as there are no street lights were I live I generally carry a torch to see where I’m going at night. After the visit and on leaving my friend’s house I switched my torch on and through its light beam I was aware of the type of fog described as in the Queensland video. As soon as I saw it I knew it was some form of Chemtrailing but the odd thing was I could see the moon and stars as clear as a bell. Strange but true!