The TruthLion Cometh

Testimony and emerging scientific data regarding the genetic inoculations

“Well, you know what you can do with that pipe dream now, don’t you?”

The Iceman Cometh; Eugene O’Neill (1939)

The data concerning SARS-CoV-2 genetic vaccine safety and effectiveness are coming in fast and furious.  Time for a news roundup.

Hope is a marketing slogan, not a basis for mandating Federal public health policy compliance.

Starting at the top, many have long been troubled by the “what in heavens name were they thinking?” question regarding the White House Coronavirus Task Force circa 2020.  Just to recap, the chairperson for the task force was U.S. vice president Mike Pence, and Dr. Deborah Birx (a former Fauci post-doctoral trainee) was named the response coordinator.  Dr. Birx, who has retired from her decades as a public servant, was brought to testify on the hill on June 23 of 2022 before the House select subcommittee on the coronavirus crisis, which is led by Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C).  It appears that the intention had been to provide Dr. Birx an opportunity to refute the allegations of Dr. Scott Atlas, MD in his new book  “A Plague Upon Our House: My Fight at the Trump White House to Stop COVID from Destroying America”.

Here is an excerpt from the book synopsis provided by the publisher:

“When Dr. Scott W. Atlas was tapped by Donald Trump to join his COVID Task Force, he was immediately thrust into a maelstrom of scientific disputes, policy debates, raging egos, politically motivated lies, and cynical media manipulation. Numerous myths and distortions surround the Trump Administration’s handling of the crisis, and many pressing questions remain unanswered. Did the Trump team really bungle the response to the pandemic? Were the right decisions made about travel restrictions, lockdowns, and mask mandates? Are Drs. Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx competent medical experts or timeserving bureaucrats? Did half a million people really die unnecessarily because of Trump’s incompetence?

In this unfiltered insider account, Dr. Scott Atlas brings us directly into the White House, describes the key players in the crisis, and assigns credit and blame where it is deserved.

The book includes shocking evaluations of the Task Force members’ limited knowledge and grasp of the science of COVID and details heated discussions with Task Force members, including all of the most controversial episodes that dominated headlines for weeks. Dr. Atlas tells the truth about the science and documents the media’s relentless campaign to suffocate it, which included canceled interviews, journalists’ off-camera hostility in White House briefings, and intentional distortion of facts. He also provides an inside account of the delays and timelines involving vaccines and other treatments, evaluates the impact of the lockdowns on American public health, and indicts the relentless war on truth waged by Big Business and Big Tech.”

Before Dr. Birx had a chance to speak, Representative Jim Jordan (R, OH) asked,

“Dr. Birx, why should Americans believe anything the government says about COVID? I mean, last summer, President Biden said this quote, ‘You’re not going to get COVID. If you have these vaccinations. If you’re vaccinated, you’re not going to be hospitalized, you’re not going to be in the ICU.

Doctor Birx, can vaccinated people get COVID? Have vaccinated people been hospitalized with COVID?

Birx answered yes to both questions. Vaccinated people can get COVID, and vaccinated people have been hospitalized with COVID. As I covered recently in another article, the data are irrefutable, and furthermore in most countries with intact reporting systems, the majority of people hospitalized and dying with COVID are vaccinated. The genetic vaccines do not stop infection, replication, or spread of the Omicron variants. They are not fulfilling their intended purpose.

Representative Jordan then proceeded:

“According to your testimony, it wasn’t just President Biden who said things that were not accurate or not true. Your testimony, that you provided the committee, you said beginning in 2021, the beginning in the Biden administration, again, these are your words, ‘agencies provided muddled and contradicting information or partial information that implied we knew something we didn’t, which they later had to correct, which accelerated the loss of respect and trust in the federal government.’

So I’ll come back to my original question, why should we believe anything the government tells us about COVID?”

I really do not enjoy saying “I told you so”, but there it is. Reality bites.

Here is Dr. Birx’ answer to that key question:

I knew that people who were naturally infected were getting reinfected. And that was quite evident from South Africa. And I’ve included it in my slides. But I think the reason I knew that is, South Africa did a remarkably good job in measuring baseline antibody with their first cert. And so they knew 50, 60, 70% of some of their population had been reinfected.”

Note the deflection? She did not actually address the question.

Rep. Jordan replied:

“Wow. When the government told us that the vaccinated couldn’t be transmitted, was that a lie? Or was that a guess? Or is it the same answer?

To which Dr. Birx responded:

I think they were hoping, but you should know in those original phase three trials that were done in this country, that we only measured for symptomatic disease. So we weren’t proactively testing everybody in those trials to see if they got infected with mild or asymptomatic disease. And so people had to present within the clinical trial. We never had the data that it was going to protect against asymptomatic diseases.”

Again, more deflection wrapped in an excuse.

OK, just to put a fork in it and call it done, this means that the fact that the vaccines were not effective at preventing infection, replication, and transmission of the virus were known to the Response Coordinator of the White House Coronavirus Task Force during the Trump administration, and furthermore, Dr. Birx explicitly acknowledged that the clinical trials were not designed to assess whether the genetic vaccines could enable herd immunity (to achieve which requires a product that can block or seriously reduce transmissibility of the pathogen). Therefore, these facts were known by Dr. Birx well before the time when the Washington Post was accusing me of being a liar for stating precisely this truth on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Of course Youtube has deleted videos of that speech, but it can still be found on Rumble, and the prepared text is still available here.

Suffice to say, Hope concerning effectiveness of a vaccine using previously untested genetic modification technology is not sufficient justification for federal action to block early treatment optionsmandate administration of unlicensed Emergency Use authorized vaccine product candidate to all members of the US Militarymandate administration of said product to airline personnel, mandate administration to federal employees and contractorsmandate administration to hospital employees, and attempting to mandate administration to private sector employeesThere is no clause concerning Hope as an indicator of efficacy or effectiveness in the Emergency Use Authorization statute 21 U.S. Code § 360bbb–3.

Just to reinforce the point, the US Constitution does not mention regulation of public health or medical practice as a Federal Government role or responsibility, and therefore the right to manage public health and medical practice practices vests with the States, not with unelected federal bureaucrats such as Dr. Birx and her mentor Dr. Fauci.

There must be accountability and restitution for the damages incurred to those who were mandated by the US Federal Government to receive the unlicensed, Emergency Use Authorized products.

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    Hope? I hope Bill Gates gets eaten feet first by an anaconda.