The shelling is getting closer every day…Gonzalo Lira. And there’s more to come, a lot more.

An incident is being planned in Lithuania to cut off Kaliningrad, which will dramatically escalate the war.  Lithuania has cut the train corridor.  The Polish army is also on the move.  The Russians are being provoked to defend Kaliningrad from a joint Polish/Lithuanian attack..

This will make Russia attack either Poland or Lithuania or both, triggering NATO to make total war against Russia.  They want American soldiers fighting Russia directly, nor more proxies.  It will be a total catastrophe for America and NATO.

The US will use nuclear weapons, once they are facing defeat.  The Biden administration is creating nuclear war, which will annihilate the United States of America.  Stop goading the Russians pointlessly.  They will take their revenge, Mr Johnson.  Alex Christoforou asks why the attempts to escalate the war?


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  1. sovereigntea says:

    Excellent video “Please send this to every American”

    Further escalation !

    Poland threatens Russia with the introduction of a closed zone over Western Ukraine.

    The Polish authorities announced their readiness to introduce a no-fly zone over Western Ukraine in the coming days. According to Brigadier General and ex-head of the National Security Bureau of Poland Stanislav Kozey, Warsaw is studying the possibility of deploying its own air defense system on the border with Ukraine to cover the territory of Ukraine at a distance of several tens of kilometers from the border.

    “We have arguments in order to provide preventive insurance and inform Russia about it. If it does not stop attacking our border with long-range missiles, then from day to day we can introduce anti-missile defense over Western Ukraine.”- said Stanislav Kozei.