The People versus Globalist Psychopaths – Summary


Here is a succinct must-watch briefing on lawyer Dr Reiner Fuellmich’s  ground-breaking People’s Grand Jury investigation into the crimes committed by government officials, politicians and other Covid Criminals against the global community.

We do not forget,  we do not let psychopaths with the blood of millions on their hands off the hook.
We persist until justice is done.
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The People versus Globalist Psychopaths – Summary


2 Responses to “The People versus Globalist Psychopaths – Summary”

  1. ian says:

    I would, to quote Kevin Keegan, so love it if they won this. I feel however it is destined to go the way his team did. Trying to get the enemy’s loyal foot soldiers to turn on their masters. Hmmmmm, don’t hold your breath, and in the meantime, this is giving a token reassurance to the awake, that there is a resistance going on, There isn’t, the same folks behind this, have been behind many previous atrocities and came up winners. Some evil dictator blamed for it, but never the real perpetrators behind the curtain.

  2. danceaway says:

    Spot on, Ian. And I don’t believe this is actually being taken to a court of law. Fuellmich said something to the effect that this was to provide information to the public, which it has done, but the public has to take it from there. He has openly admitted that the court system is corrupt and not to be relied upon.