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The Jubilee of Elizabeth II: The Queen of Depravity

Michael Hoffman – Revisionist Review June 1, 2022

June 2 marks the start of celebrations in Britain for the Jubilee of 96-year-old Queen Elizabeth II. The media have enthusiastically joined in the hoopla, extending a blank check endorsement of the System’s approved agent.

The queen has played host in the past to numerous blood-drenched communist dictators like Tito and overseen the most rapid dissolution of Britain in its entire history. The  mysteries surrounding the death of her daughter-in-law, Princess Diana, remain unanswered.

The queen’s son and heir apparent, Charles, Prince of Wales, was a known co-conspirator with Jimmy Savile, the demonic child molester who operated at the top of the British pyramid of power, while MI5 British Intelligence, which briefs Elizabeth and Charles, was fully apprised of his hundreds of child victims. While bestowing a gift upon Jimmy for his 80th birthday, Prince Charles told him, “Nobody will ever know what you’ve done for this country, Jimmy. This is to go some way in thanking you for that” (cf. Twilight Language, p. 311).

Savile’s decades-long, horrendous orgy of predation upon helpless children was shielded and enabled by Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Home Secretary Leon Brittan and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. MI5 and MI6 (whose Deputy Director, Peter Hayman was accused of pederasty by Geoffrey Dickens; Hayman was known to possess child pornography), repeatedly blocked investigations of Savile. (Cf. The Guardian, April 9, 2013).

“Sir” Jimmy Savile with one of the honours the Queen awarded him.

Savile’s sex ring provided children to the patricians of British society and government, including members of Parliament, the House of Lords, the Anglican Church of England, the aristocracy, and big business, some of whom were members of the “Pedophile Information Exchange,” which quietly lobbied for the age of consent for sex with children to be abolished. (Twilight Language, pp. 312-313).

Savile either personally raped or facilitated the rape of at least 328 children, even though by the 1980s Savile’s horrors were becoming public knowledge. Rock singer John Lydon was interviewed by the British Broadcasting Service (BBC) in 1978 wherein he accused Savile and stated, “We all know about it but we’re not allowed to talk about it.” The interview was never aired and he was temporarily banned by the BBC. “Sir Jimmy” died a multimillionaire in 2011, respected and honored by Queen Elizabeth, who knighted him in 1990. Throughout his life this ghoul enjoyed total immunity from arrest, prosecution and imprisonment.

As if all this were not sufficient to uncover enough rocks to indict the British royal family for these crimes and their coverup, it turns out that Queen Elizabeth’s son, Prince Andrew, was part of the notorious Jeffrey Epstein sex ring.

In February the prince paid Virginia Giuffre, the sex slave furnished to him by Epstein, $16 million in return for her dropping her lawsuit against him. The next month, on March 29, the queen chose Prince Andrew for a place of honor in her royal entourage as she commemorated the anniversary of the death of her husband, Prince Phillip, defiantly selecting Andrew for the high profile role of her escort in Westminster Abbey, knowing the photo of that escort would be published around the world, thereby demonstrating her contempt for the victims of her son and his crony, Epstein.

Elizabeth enjoys good press like her namesake Elizabeth I, who was steeped in the occult of her astrologer royal, Dr. John “007” Dee. The first Queen Elizabeth  is portrayed in Hollywood films as a paragon of decency, like the current monarch, who enjoys the unalloyed adulation of the media. Child molestation among the royals? Don’t let it bother you, peasant.

The Cryptocracy has seen to it that the masonic Crown and royal house of England survived, while other hereditary monarchies were destroyed. In issue no. 117 of our newsletter Revisionist History®, the occultism and slave-trading activities of Elizabeth I and the prophecies for the longevity of the aristocracy of England are detailed.

Elizabeth made a fortune from the slave trade which her personal pirate, John Hawkins, pioneered under her commission.

She employed an expert torturer, Richard Topcliffe to dispatch as agonizingly as possible, dissidents who questioned the legitimacy of her rule. She tortured to death hundreds of them.

Furthermore, she made it a crime punishable by imprisonment to attend the Latin Mass upheld even by her father, King Henry VIII.  Attendance at the liturgy which her Church of England promulgated was mandatory. Absence was punishable with confiscatory fines.  (Revisionist History® no. 117, “The Pirate Queen’s Slave Traders: Elizabeth I and the Conjuring of the British Empire,” can be ordered here – scroll down to issue no. 117).

As the overcrowded little island of Britain drowns in a sea of immigration and its historic Christian faith is subsumed in a melting pot of other creeds often hostile to it,  as their freedom of speech is increasingly subject to draconian repression, it is more important than ever to “keep up appearances.”

Hence, the bamboozled British people are treated to a revival of the spectacle of royal pageantry. By staging these elaborate ceremonies, a hypnotic impression is conveyed, reassuring the people that despite all the indices of decay, destruction and masonic oppression, “Things aren’t as bad as they seem.”

In the Society of the Spectacle, illusion predominates. There is no society in the West more spectacular than England when it fans the feathers of its “glorious” monarchy, enacting a ritual splendor intended to conceal the rot.

Michael Hoffman is a former reporter for the New York bureau of the Associated Press and the author of ten books of history and literature.



12 Responses to “The Jubilee of Elizabeth II: The Queen of Depravity”

  1. Belyi says:

    Nobody is going to persuade me that this is a 96-year old. Many people are saying that the real queen died around two years ago and this is a body double. Charles doesn’t look particularly like Charles and I’m certain this is also a body double. There are millions of people in agreement.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      That’s what I thought about the current Lizzie, Belyi. She looks different to me, younger than 96, I agree. But I haven’t seen anyone else saying this other than conversations I’ve had with awake folk, I don’t so social media. Have you any links?

      I’ve not thought the same about Charlie boy but I fully accept that this is possible for him too. Body doubles are entirely possible, most folk wouldn’t notice if the likeness is close enough

      Chris Spivey did loads of work on royal images. He relentlessly showed that virtually all of them are doctored/photoshopped in some way. Chris did some great work of Princess Dodo, showed that she was very likely played by more than one actress. His old website was memory holed a few years back. Interestingly his latest site which is not prolific has a reprise of his Meghan Markle work, see here:


      • Belyi says:

        I’ve read about her being puppeted in so any places I can’t think of any off hand. So many of the people we see are actors in masks as most of them have gone.

        There is a comedian in the US who imitates Trump. He doesn’t pretend to be him but close your eyes while he’s speaking and you couldn’t tell the difference.

        When fake Biden started reminiscing about the movies he’d been in when sitting with BJ, the latter leant across and asked: ‘who the hell are you?’. It’s well documented. He could have been one of several people but the main guy who plays him is Arthur Roberts an elderly movie actor although Jim Carrey has been known to play him..

  2. newensign says:

    While I agree Elizabeth II has been far from a good Monarch, but then she has never ruled in reality, she handed the job down to governments (using democracy which in reality is mob rule), instead of ruling under the law of the land. The monarchs cannot make laws only rules which must be compliant to the law of the land. At onetime the monarch’s Lord High Steward’s job was to vet all rules (statutes) to ensure they complied with Common (Biblical) Law. The English Monarch is subject to the London money power crown. The coat of arms of the English Monarch is signified by the chained crown on the Unicorn of the Royal Coat of Arms. Below which might be of interest is a video pointing out the double speak of the Queen’s Coronation Oath.
    History Time Line:

  3. pete fairhurst says:

    It all goes back to the 15th century, newensign, the Glorious Revolution, when England became an oligarchy. The Venetian oligarchical system was installed in England at that time. The monarch is just the “first among equals”, just one of the oligarchs, the one who wears the crown. We’ve been an oligarchy ever since, never a democracy

    All the democratic fluff is just a smokescreen to make folk think that they have a voice, when they clearly don’t. George Carlin nailed it “It’s a big effin club, and you ain’t in it!”

    Here is a primer:


    Tarpley was doing good work then, he’s gone west since

    • pete fairhurst says:

      17th century, doh

    • newensign says:

      Many thanks for that useful link Pete. I agree it goes back a long way. The Venetians also had spies in the court of Henry VIII, The Venetians later moved to Amsterdam and created the world’s first Central Bank (Communism). As you rightly say after murdering Charles I – The Glorious Revolution enabled the Commons to take charge of issuing money by facilitating by the arrival in England of that hooked nose Prince William of Orange. As you say, democracy is to make the people think they are choosing the government when they are not – Perter Mandelson said if voting made a difference, we wouldn’t do it!! It was William the plunderer paved the way by centralising Government and taking control of all land by reregistering the aptly named Doomsday Book!

      • pete fairhurst says:

        Thanks newensign, I concur with all that
        Best wishes

  4. danceaway says:

    Your comment about Tarpley is interesting, Pete.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      I gave up on him ages ago D but his early work was pretty good, certainly the oligarchy stuff. Although I’ve not read it for a long time. Still, it’s a useful way in to the subject, but there is plenty more of the same out there. The queens regalia alone gives the Venetian game away