The HART Group – In place of science: the most extreme case of data manipulation and bad science ever presented to the FDA



The scientific and ethical corruption among the entities of the political-pharmaceutical con-plex is getting worse and more deadly. In place of science we are being fobbed off with a shambolic mockery of science by people who clearly think we are so stupid we won’t notice.

The consequences are now so dire that the health and survival of our children is under direct pre-meditated attack, an attack taking place with the collusion of corrupt sell-out agencies such as the FDA.

The names of those in the FDA who unanimously approved the Pfizer vaccine on the basis of risibly and transparently shoddy pseudoscience must be made known. Their feckless irresponsibility is going to get children harmed or killed and has probably done so already and they need to be held to account for it.

FDA unanimously approve covid vaccine for 0-4 years

The FDA met on 15th June and despite all the evidence of non-efficacy from the infant Pfizer vaccine and the still total lack of data on long-term harms, they voted to go ahead.  If the last eighteen months are anything to go by, the MHRA will follow soon, followed after a respectable few weeks by the JCVI. Indeed, vaccination for this age-group is already listed for JCVI discussion.  Before the UK regulators make any decision, they would do well to read a detailed letter to the FDA from Robert F Kennedy.

It was depressing that in the FDA open meeting, none of the members pointed out that 2 months follow-up is totally inadequate for assessing safety, nor questioned the use of an antibody level as a measure of success. No specific level of antibody exists which provides protection against covid so how can this be used as a useful measure? For young children, much of their reduced risk from covid arises from their superior innate immunity. In the presentation to the FDA, Pfizer presented evidence that the only antibodies produced in the children were to the Wuhan spike with no detectable antibodies to the Omicron spike.

Moderna was also authorised for children at the same meeting, despite several countries having dropped it for all under 30s. Their lengthy document (189 pages of single-spaced typing) was only sent to members two working days ahead of the meeting.

But what of the Pfizer data on which the decision was apparently based?  The Pfizer submission must be the most extreme case of data manipulation and bad science ever presented to the FDA. The study was approved on the basis of 4,500 participants but 3,000 of them did not make it to the end of the trial. That alone is enough to make the findings null and void. There are three other measures that were used to assess efficacy: total covid, ‘severe’ covid and hospitalisations.

The researchers found that there were 30% more covid cases in the vaccine arm in the three weeks after first dose, so they ignored that data. They also ignored the data after the second dose where there was no benefit. They then ignored a full week after the third dose too. In total 97% of the covid cases in the trial were ignored. Finally, they focused on 7 cases in the placebo arm more than a week after vaccination and 3 in the vaccine arm and on the basis of those tiny numbers over that very short period, they claimed efficacy. Pfizer described this issue thus:

“Vaccine efficacy post Dose 3 cannot be precisely estimated due to the limited number of cases accrued during blinded follow-up, as reflected in the wide confidence intervals associated with the estimates.”

They also reported on children who had had two episodes of covid. In total there were 12 such children. Eleven of them were vaccinated before having these second infections. This makes any claim of reduced covid doubtful.

For the purposes of the trial they defined ‘severe covid’ as present where there was an increased heart rate or breathing rate. In the 2-4yr group there were 6 severe covid cases in the vaccine group (although 2 were vaccinated after getting placebo) and only 1 in the placebo group. Although these numbers are small they suggest that it was more likely that vaccine increased the risk of severe covid than reduced it.

Only one child was hospitalised with a positive covid test. This child was vaccinated and hospitalised with a seizure. Despite the researchers concluding that the seizure was likely vaccine related, they kept this poor child in the trial and gave them a further dose of vaccine.

Overall, there was no reduction in covid (the difference across the whole trial was not statistically significant even for a particular sub group); more severe covid in the vaccine group and one hospitalisation in the vaccine group.

Safety was only monitored for 6 weeks before they decided to vaccinate the children in the placebo group showing a total disregard for a meaningful collection of true safety data. There were three children who had a serious fever and all were in the vaccine group.

It is unbelievable that this study ever achieved ethical approval given the lack of long term safety data with these novel treatments in an age group that is at no risk of serious disease or death. The FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee voted unanimously to recommend the products for emergency use authorisation. This is a designation used to prevent serious injury or death – how can they claim it is any way relevant to children under 5 yrs of age?

You can watch Dr Clare Craig explaining some of these points in a recent Twitter thread.

Please follow @hartgroup_org for further updates. As the regulators are failing to do their job and scientific censorship is at peak insanity, it is crucial that we work together as a community to allow other points of view to be seen and heard by as many people as possible to help regain some sense of balance in the debate.



3 Responses to “The HART Group – In place of science: the most extreme case of data manipulation and bad science ever presented to the FDA”

  1. ian says:

    The likes of this, danceaway, should be used to prove to the doubters that they mean us harm. In my first steps on the internet many years ago, I wandered far and wide looking at hitherto never encountered material. I wasn’t sure what I was dealing with, so I wandered, and encountered 18 year old Californian cheerleaders wanting a date with me if I gave them the bank account details so they could transfer money to me, to all kinds of perversion and weirdness, to very interesting political material. In amongst all this, on a website I think was called, was a video from rural China, where a group of mothers, clingfilmed or gladwrapped a guy to a pillar. He’d apparently raped and killed a child. They doused him in barbecue lighting fluid and burned him to death. I thought it was probably what we could do with over here. The murder of a child deserves severe retribution, and this is what will happen here if they roll these vaxxes out for kids. Kids will die. BTW the California cheerleader never showed up. Such is life.

  2. danceaway says:

    The HART group is well respected by activists in my area who work closely with them, so when they are mentioned I take a closer look.

    This doctor who wrote this article also made a short video which I happened to see last evening. I decided to wait to see if it came out in print, as it might have more lasting impact, and it turned up here.

    The doctor is quite young, so perhaps has her own young children and feels this all the more acutely.

    Love your stories, Ian!

  3. Gordon says:

    Excellent follow on videos.

    The End of Germ Theory, by Spacebusters