THE DREAMWEAVER From before the term dreamweaver was ever used commercially. A poem by ian


The dreamweaver fell from his hold on the rainbow

And cried as the clouds that he loved floated by

Something had happened in our patch of paradise

The chainer of daylight had stolen the skies.

He listened to the light that escaped from the hollows

Not knowing whether he could keep it or not

The weeper of leaves spoke something of autumn

Not now said the weaver, can’t rest or be caught.

The dreamweaver quickened his search for the chainer

And ducked down under the heavens we love

Searching the homes of the keepers of chastity

Way way up to the givers above.

He spotted the chainer and rendered a battle cry

We need what you’ve taken, we must have it back

The chainer of daylight looked flat at the weaver

It’s mine for forever, get used to the black.


The weaver could see that to battle was hopeless

The chainer of daylight was too awesome to fight

So he puzzled and wondered how to get over this

Yet not even once, asked the teacher of right.


The teacher of right awoke from her slumbers

Quick round and warm and refreshingly keen

Who stole the sky from the weaver she asked them

The chainer they answered, though he’s seldom been seen.

I’ll deal with the chainer, she whispered quite softly

I’ll deal with the crime of the stealing the sky

The weaver must see me, she said in a low voice

The theft of the daylight, I cannot let lie.

So into the mind of the weaver she entered

Giving the thoughts he’d need for his quest

Making haste slowly, his mind was enabled

  ‘Till he had the thoughts she knew would work best

The chainer was strong and all around knew it

We’ll have to be strange, said the weaver of dreams

Can we offer the hand of one of my daughters

Or perhaps a gift from the cabler of seams


I’ll marry your daughter, the chainer did cry out

Can’t you see that’s the reason I’d stolen the sky

If I can’t have the daughter of you Dreamweaver

Then everything everywhere is certain to die

Would you have him at all the dream weaver asked her

Oh I love him most dearly his daughter replied

Then go to him quickly, I love you and hope for you

May all work out well for you the dreamweaver cried

So all is at peace now we have the sky back again

For the chainer has the soft look of love in his eyes

The weeper of leaves fears not from the autumn

And the weaver of dreams again rules the skies. 



3 Responses to “THE DREAMWEAVER From before the term dreamweaver was ever used commercially. A poem by ian”

  1. ian says:

    Sorry guys I’ve had a bottle of wine, and, well it will soon be hidden in the traffic.

  2. danceaway says:

    Please don’t think that, Ian! It is a most beautiful poem! We are lucky to have you here with us to post it!!

    • ian says:

      Thanks danceaway. I woke this morning thinking aww no, I’ve posted another one. I know I shouldn’t. Lovely though to see your kind comment.