The 911 of the Middle Ages – Important Information You Must Know – Repost with Image

Author: newensign

Newensign has kindly written this treatise for the illumination of The Tap readership.




The Planned Great Fire of London in 1666 Enabled The Cestui Que Vie Act to be Passed, declaring all lost at sea and therefore dead. Thereby Most of the World would eventually become enslaved to the City of London.

A brief Look at the far reaching implications of this dastardly Act with hints on how to break the shackles


Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 – Existence of Life


London in 1666, during the black plague and great fires of London, Parliament enacted an act behind closed doors, called Cestui Que Vie Act 1666.
The act being debated was to subrogate the rights of men and women, meaning all men and women were declared dead, lost at sea/beyond the sea. (back then operating in Admiralty law, the law of the sea, so lost at sea).

The state (London) took custody of everybody and their property into a trust. The state became the trustee/husband holding all titles to the people and property, until a living man comes back to reclaim those titles, he can also claim damages.

When CAPITAL letters are used anywhere in a name this always refers to a legal entity/fiction, Company or Corporation no exceptions. e.g. John DOE or Doe: JANE
1) CESTUI QUE TRUST: (pronounced setakay) common term in New Zealand and Australia
2) STRAWMAN: common term in United States of America or Canada
These are the legal entity/fiction created and owned by the Government whom created it. It is like owning a share in the Stock Market, you may own a share… but it is still a share of the Stock.

Legally, we are considered to be a fiction, a concept or idea expressed as a name, a symbol. That legal person has no consciousness; it is a juristic person, ENS LEGIS, a name/word written on a piece of paper. This traces back to 1666, London is an Independent, City, State, just like Vatican is an Independent City State, just like Washington, DC is an Independent City State.

The Crown is an unincorporated association. Why unincorporated? It’s private. The temple bar is in London, every lawyer called to the “bar” swears allegiance to the temple bar. You can’t get called without swearing this allegiance.

Our only way out is to reclaim your dead entity (strawman) that the Crown created, become the executor and then collapse the called Cestui Que Vie trust and forgive yourself of your debts and then remove yourself from the admiralty law that holds you in custody.

When London burned, the subrogation of men’s and women’s rights occurred. The responsible act passed… CQV act 1666 meant all men and women of UK were declared dead and lost beyond the seas. The state took everybody and everybody’s property into trust. The state takes control until a living man or woman comes back and claims their titles by proving they are alive and claims for damages can be made.

This is why you always need representation when involved in legal matters, because you’re dead.

The legal fiction is a construct on paper, an estate in trust. When you get a bill or summons from court it is always in capital letters, similar to tomb stones in grave yards. Capital letters signify death. They are writing to the dead legal fiction. A legal fiction was created when someone informed the government that there was a new vessel in town, based upon your birth.

Birth Certificates are issued to us by the Doc. just as ships are given berth Certificates at the Dock. It’s about commerce. We come from our mothers waters. Your mother has a birth canal just like a ship. The ship moves by the sea current just as we are able to move by the currency.

All this information relates to how the general public are still legally tied through Maritime Admiralty Law. Through this ancient legal construct we can be easily controlled and duped. Learning about your legal fiction helps you to unlock yourself. Otherwise you are just an empty vessel floating on the sea of commerce. Parents are tricked into registering the birth of their babies.

In about 1837, the Births, Deaths and Marriages act was formed in UK and the post of registrar general was established. His job was to collect all the data from the churches which held the records of birth.


Regis from Queen or Crown

All people are seen to be in custody of,” The Crown”. This allows people to function in commerce and to accept the benefits provided by state. We have to understand who we are as men and women and how we can relate in the system. The City of London is a centre for markets, where merchants work. Then there is Mercantile Law. It comes from Admiralty Law. Look at the symbols in your City Courts that relate to Admiralty.

So where you have commerce and money, you also have “justice” and “injury”. You need to understand the bankruptcy before you can understand the judiciary. We have accepted the claim to accept the summons, yet ONLY the dead can be summoned. There is an obligation to accept any liability which has been created.

We are operating in Admiralty

A not guilty plea, or ANY plea admits jurisdiction. The strawman, aka legal fiction is always guilty. Barristers and solicitors make a living out of creating controversy. By creating a controversy you become liable for the case.

Honour and dishonour
To remain in honour you have to accept a claim and settle (discharge) it. Then you add conditions, ie. “I accept on proof of claim and proof of loss”. This gives the liability back to them. The legal fiction is always guilty. Only in the High Court, can the real man or woman appear. Games are played on courts, hence the name ‘court’. It is a game with actors (acting on acts). It has to be treated as a game and just business. Court room dramas are misinformation.

In the public, we’re operating in bankruptcy and you receive benefits. It takes a lot of time, effort and study to understand and use these tools. You have to be prepared to go fully through the process, get the right tool out of your toolbox at the right time.

People need to learn how to act as a creation of God rather than a creation of Man.


10 Responses to “The 911 of the Middle Ages – Important Information You Must Know – Repost with Image”

  1. ian says:

    Fascinating newensign and danceaway. An excellent post, thanks.

  2. Gordon says:

    Well done boys all good stuff.

  3. pete fairhurst says:

    A fascinating post thank you newensign
    I am familiar with the legal fiction principle. Our “Birth Certificate” registers us in their ledger. It certifies our legal fiction status, and each of us has this legal fiction identity attached to us by our parents registering us at birth. Our legal fiction is NOT the same thing as us, the man or woman, the living, breathing, human. It is a fiction for register and control purposes only, it is not REAL it is only for legal purposes, as you say

    Interestingly if you look at Wikipedia for this 1666 Act then the page redirects and has ZERO information about the Act of 1666, or indeed the Acts of 1540 or 1707. That shows to me that you are hitting the spot!

    Finally, for further elaboration, I will take the liberty of attaching to this post part of something that I wrote for a blog in 2016, when I was exploring this aspect of the rabbit hole. I that think it is pretty accurate

  4. pete fairhurst says:

    Each of us has 2 identities, as follows:
    1. Our LAWFUL existence as human beings. Pete the human being, the flesh and blood me, subject to the LAW; natural, or Gods, law that is, which stops you harming other humans, or their property. No belief in God is actually required for this to hold. Natural law is human law and it applies to all humans, everywhere.

    2. Our LEGAL FICTION existence. PETE [all caps] the legal construct, my strawman, my legal shadow, subject to legal statute. The stuff that all governments use to coerce you, and take your money off you. Legal statute is not for humans, it is for strawmen, for your legal fiction. Fiction being a very appropriate word to use. Because it is not real, it is not flesh and blood. It is a legal construct, something in your mind, or written in documents, only. Literally a legal fiction. This will become clearer as we proceed, I hope.

    Read those two definitions again carefully before carrying on. And be aware that natural law is always superior to the legal system. Well it has clear seniority, because it came first, and it applies to human beings, not to strawmen.

    Now here is the rub. Your legal fiction does not exist when you are born. It is created with your birth certificate! The registration of your birth with the government is what creates the fiction. This is true in both the US & UK, and most countries in the world I suppose. I repeat, you are assigned your legal fiction when your parents register your birth. Which is not something that anyone of us had much of a say in!

    This legal fiction existence, that we all have, is something that nobody is ever told about, by anyone in authority, ever. Do think that there may be a good reason why we are never told? I expect that you will if you manage to reach the end of this piece.

    Well, you may say, so what? What difference does it make?

    Stop and think for a moment. Under natural/gods/human law then, any, and all, contracts that exist between 2 parties are valid only if both parties consent. And both parties usually signify that consent by signing a contract agreement, although that is not essential, verbal agreement will suffice. Do you remember doing that when you were a week old? Do you remember ever being asked, when you were a week old, or even when you got to pay your first tax, whether you agreed to your legal fiction, your contract with the government, that was created by your birth certificate? Did you ever have a choice, to opt in, or opt out, after weighing up the pros and cons? No, of course not. You were not told, or asked, nobody ever is.

    Stop and think for another moment. What I am saying is that you were contracted to the government by the creation of your birth certificate when you were, at most, a few weeks old. And that the government never told you about that contract. And that the contract binds you to them for the rest of your life. You must obey all their statutes and pay all their taxes, fines, fees etc etc. All based on your birth certificate. which registers you, or your legal fiction, in their system of control.

    Do you think that this is fair and equitable? You might, I certainly don’t.

    And, like I said, they never tell you about this, never. They want you to think that both your lawful and legal identities are one and the same. But they are most definitely not.

    All governments hate natural/Gods/human law, because it is beyond their control. But they love legal fiction, because they create that, and they can use it to control you.

    To sum up then: You were inducted into the governments legal fiction identity shortly after you were born, without your knowledge, but in a way that binds you to them for the rest of your life.

    Ever feel that you’ve been had? I know that I did when I first found out about all this.

    I can understand that many people will say that this is all an arcane, academic, irrelevance. What does it really matter? I would reply that, if the government can mislead everybody about such a fundamental aspect of our relationship to them then, what else do they mislead you about? 

    The more fundamental point is that your legal fiction is in direct conflict with natural human law for the reason that I explained earlier. No contract is valid without the consent of both parties. And you never consciously gave that consent did you? Maybe you did technically by signing your tax return, or something similar. But that is pure artifice, you never really gave your consent, because you were never told! How can you consent to something that you don’t know about?

    Maybe you think that all government is a good thing for you, that it is always on your side. There surely must be some doubt in your mind after you just learned about your legal fiction, and its use as a legal, but not lawful, human control mechanism.

  5. ian says:

    How do the courts deal with Gypsies and immigrants/ people born without birth certificates ?

    • pete fairhurst says:

      I imagine that they use Natural [Common] Law Ian, as opposed to Legal statute. Although I don’t know for sure

      There are plenty of options available to them in Common Law. Not doing harm to others is the key to Natural Law and can be used by both governments and individuals

      People in modern countries without birth certificates are incredibly rare too I expect, gypsies included

      • pete fairhurst says:

        And also by declaring your legal fiction name in a court then you are accepting the jurisdiction of the court too I expect

    • newensign says:

      With great difficulty Ian, the Gypsies are probably more clued up than we are, one never saw tax discs on their vehicles as they hadn’t registered them, they new better than handing over their property to the state! Now you can get a Common Law Birth Certificate which overrides the State one as Common Law is superior.!

  6. Ander1991 says:

    Personally I’m sceptical about the conventional historical narrative regarding the Fire of London and the Plague; but unfortunately tying in highly spurious misplaced interpretations of old legislation damages the plausibility and legitimacy of rational enquiries into said historical narrative, which presumably was the purpose in mind when these notions were concocted and disseminated, probably by TPTB.

    Divide et impera!

    “The intent of this act is obvious: that anyone who held a lifelong tenancy over some land,[51] but was lost at sea or had emigrated and been out of contact for more than seven years, could be declared legally dead so the tenancy could be deemed to end and the land involved could revert to the freeholder. How anyone can arrive at a different conclusion is bizarre.”

    In my opinion all the tedious skein of faux law regarding birth certificate, Papal Edict of servitude, pauper registration, blah blah can be controverted in one sentence to show it DOES NOT MATTER. Why? Here’s why:
    “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation and I care not which puppet sits upon the throne of its country” – or words to similar effect; attributed variously to Nathan Rothschild or another of that clan.

    Just my opinion 🙂

  7. pete fairhurst says:

    Thanks Ander, very good points that you make

    Here is a very informative article on 1666 from a guest at Mathis, “1666 the year the Bankers set fire to London”

    He says that the fire was part of the cover for the transfer of money creation away from the state to the banksters

    “My working title doesn’t exactly bury the lede, so let’s get right to it. The Great London Fire was the clandestine operation of the City of London’s banking and business cabal, its purpose being 1) to divert public attention from the cabal’s legislative schemes and 2) to accelerate the national debt and ultimately achieve a “great reset” of the financial system”