Some random reflections on the Uvalde massacre

This post is just a series of unstructured observations on the recent mass shooting in Texas. The scandalous performance of the police is the standout issue for me. Report a racist insult emanating from a crowd of 60,000 football supporters and the police will swing into action, sirens blazing, while their colleagues back at the station analyse gigabytes of film footage to identify the culprit. During the scamdemic police relentlessly hunted down the unvaxxed and the unmasked. Or if parents ask awkward questions at a school board meeting we can be assured that the cops will drag them out into the street and probably charge them with a public order offence. But it’s a different matter when it comes to protecting the law-abiding ordinary citizen. Your house has been burgled? Sorry, we’re busy tracking down hate speech offenders. Get on to your insurers. BLM burning down your neighbourhood? Cops stand idly by.

But God Almighty, has there even been anything like what we saw here? The cops skulked outside the school for 40 minutes as a deranged shooter blazed away at teachers and students inside. But it’d be unfair to say that they did nothing. When one of the mothers, apparently armed, tried to get into the school to save her kids the cops cuffed her and flung her to the ground. Heckuva job guys. But there’s method in their madness because the cops and their masters fear most of all citizens taking responsibility for their own defense. ‘Law enforcement’ will sit around ignoring real crime but will be galvanised into action at the first hint of vigilante-style activity. Their greatest fear is an aroused and armed citizenry. (But on the other hand cops are walking on eggshells if and when the perp is a POC.) You’d almost imagine that TPTB were trying to engineer societal collapse so as to Build Back Better. Now there’s a thought!

There’s no doubt that the USA is a deeply fractured…..I hesitate to describe it as a ‘society’. But it’s completely wrong to imply that mass shootings are a uniquely American phenomenon – despite popular misconception. An unprepared Ted Cruz was made look bad by a reporter who – and I know you’ll find this hard to believe – had no grasp of the actual facts. Because out of the 97 countries where mass public shootings occurring, the United States ranks 64th in the per capita frequency of these attacks and 65th in the murder rate. Not only have these attacks been much more common outside the US, the US’s share of these attacks has declined over time. There has been a much bigger increase over time in the number and severity of mass shootings in the rest of the world compared to the US.

Naturally enough the tragedy has been seized on gleefully by the usual suspects to press their gun-grabbing agenda. But this is a total red herring. For a start criminals will always get guns. As we saw in Australia the guns seized or handed in will belong to law-abiding citizens. Second, there is no correlation between legalised gun ownership and the murder rate. In fact if anything there’s an inverse correlation. Central American countries and all the ‘liberal’ hell-hole cities in the USA experience far higher rates of mass shootings despite their highly restrictive gun laws. One of the worst school shootings in history occurred in Scotland where it’s very hard to acquire a gun legally. Meanwhile almost every family in Switzerland owns a gun yet the country has one of the world’s lowest murder rates.

Nonetheless the fault lines in American ‘society’ now run deep. There was a time when men took pride in things, in protecting family and community. But most now sense, even if dimly, the growth of evil everywhere. God has been driven from the public domain and increasingly from the private space as well, depravity of every form is celebrated, criminals are cossetted, the economy hollowed out, poverty increases while parasites add billions to their wealth every year. The White middle class, the backbone of the country, gets remorselessly harried and dispossessed, elections get stolen, the Constitution is ignored. And the guilty are never held to account. Which makes this report by an Unz Review commentator both understandable and shocking. “By the time 2014 rolled around, ALL schools in our area had been retrofitted (and new schools designed with) buzz-in systems, where you could not walk into the school without being buzzed in by the front office. Parents would literally have to give their name, the name of their student, and the reason for their visit. You would sit outside and wait a couple minutes while the administration and staff verified that your student was a real student at the school. Once inside, the only place accessible to any visitor was the front office. There was bulletproof glass and / or heavy locked doors leading to all other areas of the school, and this was at multiple schools throughout the years that my son attended. All schools were designed this way!” Guns don’t lead to this. A broken society, a country at war with itself, does. There is no longer a ‘we’ in America. And this didn’t happen organically, it was done deliberately and with great care by way of a project begun nearly a century ago. Project Diversity. And now it’s in overdrive and is in my opinion irreversible.

Of course there was the usual abundance of claims dismissing the shooting as a false flag, that there were no bodies, all were crisis actors etc. I keep an open mind but nothing I’ve seen or read indicates this to be true. Of course TPTB have a vested interest in seeing as much blood-letting as possible as it strengthens their case for the withdrawal of the 2A, i.e. to disarm law-abiding citizens. But this is a long way from saying that the whole thing was a set-up. The likeliest explanation to my mind is that an army of psychologically damaged men has been pumped up with God-knows-what psychotropic drugs (the CIA has been at this for more than fifty years) and let loose on the public. Time-bombs waiting to explode while ‘law enforcement’ looks the other way or, God help us all, trigger the event. The Uvalde shooter, despite being known to police as a serious threat to public safety (he openly boasted of his plans to shoot up the school!) was nonetheless able to buy a semi-automatic weapon without a problem. LIHOP is the likeliest explanation, as this case suggests. There’s also the issue of misinformation. Almost everything officially reported about this incident was subsequently proven to be false. Why was this? Does anyone know? And why the subsequent lack of interest from the media about the numerous conflicting reports? Speaking of which, isn’t it amazing how the Las Vegas massacre, one of the worst if notthe worst mass shootings in American history, has fallen off the radar? Like as if the order went out to drop the subject, the way they used do in the USSR. Finally, why was a SWAT team not called from nearby San Antonio, about ten minutes up the road during the 40 minutes that the cops on the scene stood idly by? Incredible, isn’t it?

My final suggestion is that gun control is but one part of the agenda enabled by mass shootings. They also build up an atmosphere of fear and mutual mistrust, justify ever-increasing surveillance and repressive measures, enable circumventing the Constitution while weakening rules of evidence and the capacity to publicly question the authorities.

America will never again see a society where nobody gave a second thought when kids brought guns to school to practice sharp-shooting after classes finished. That America is long gone, never to return.