Severodonetsk fog of war. Putin ‘crunching them like nuts’.

Polish and other foreign mercenaries mounted a counteroffensive in Severodonetsk, taking territory back inside the city.

Russian Ministry Of Defence put out a report, saying Ukrainians are retreating towards Lysychansk after suffering 90% casualties ‘in various units’ (probably the foreign mercenary brigades esp Polish, and Nationalists).

Reuters report massive damage, heavy fighting and heavy losses.

Russia’s objective is to destroy the Ukrainian military not so much make territorial gains.

Ukrainians are withdrawing into Lisichansk, while Russia is preparing a cauldron.

EU happy to buy India’s oil.

Severodonetsk fog of war.

Putin ‘crunching them like nuts.’

Update 1

Putin interview on Russian TV – RIA airing tonight – clip of him talking released – ‘our anti-aircraft systems are crunching them like nuts’.

No context given as yet.

Medvedev also making statements – previously thought of as pro-Western, but now he’s a hawk speaking confidently for Russia winning –

Approx quote – ‘If Russia is attacked with these weapons, we will have no choice but to strike the decision making centres.  These are unfortunately not in the Ukraine.’

Do you think Boris, Wallace and Truss might have noticed this potential hazard to their collective health?  Maybe they’ll clip back on their rhetoric, and on the promises to send weapons and trainers?

They should take these threats from Medvedev seriously.

Russians are retaliating against Kiev, Odessa and Sumy when Donetsk was attacked killing civilians.

The new missiles might be able to get through, and Russia will indeed retaliate,

TAP Russia did after the Moskva was sunk, hitting RAF Welford USAF/RAF weapons depot on April 14th.

As for the US, they won’t believe it until the parcel is actually delivered to Washington DC.  The White House is already empty according to some reports earlier in the year.

Revisiting an old joke – when it is reported that the President is dead, the reply will be ‘How can they tell?’

ALEX – Estonian government that is anti-Russia has collapsed amongst record highs of inflation, crushing the living standards of the people…all caused by the dumb sanctions, and the war going badly.

The boomerang effect of sanctions.   Clown world –   New Putin tax being added to bills (5/7%)

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