1. danceaway says:

    Cold summer where I am!! Very little in the way of warm sunny days! All part of the plan!

    • newensign says:

      We have had plenty of sun lately down here in the south Danceaway, but the warmth hasn’t matched the amount of sun, save for a couple of days where the temp reached 75, then dire warnings it would go up to 40c caused by winds blowing up from Spain and France. This never materialised – just fear mongering. They have been modifying the weather since at least since the 1940’s!

  2. danceaway says:

    They certainly have, newensign.

    Re homeschooling: this from UKColumn today:

    Wednesday, 29th June 2022
    The Schools Bill, which is about to be sent from the Lords to the Commons, proposes to turn Britain, and particularly England and Wales, from one of the world’s freest places to home educate to one of the most restrictive. It will empower the Department for Education and local authorities to inspect living-room home education “settings”, close private schools, force school attendance for a given child with no redress, prevent any new religious schools from opening, relocating or expanding, ban tutors whom they do not like from teaching even online, and force parents to supply any information or surrender any materials that they see fit.

    In this segment, Alex Thomson runs through the 25 tyrannical aspects of the Bill, using a list hosted by Education Otherwise and by Tap News. More detail is given by Schools Week, Wendy Charles-Warner and Tristram Llewelyn Jones, the latter two writing in The Conservative Woman (TCW). Finally, Debi Evans discusses how special educational needs are being invoked by the Bill to spread standardisation at the cost of children’s misery.


    • ian says:

      I think they’re afraid that the child may end up as awake as their parents. Indoctrination is crucial so that the awake % doesn’t get any higher.

    • newensign says:

      Thanks Danceaway for the update on home schooling and UK Column link covering the new bill on this subject. Like the Covid Bill, it will null and void if it is contrary to Common Law, which it seems it will be, unless people are tricked into consenting! Homeschoolers need to watch David Adelman – the peoples lawyer videos in an easy to understand format on how to rebut state tyranny – the link is

  3. danceaway says:

    I suspect it is even worse than that, Ian, reflecting on the Hugo Talks video about lockdowns etc. I actually fear for the lives of the children. So many schools have 5G antenna on them, as well. I fear it is utterly utterly sinister.

    • ian says:

      Yes danceaway, you’re very likely correct. They’re targeting the children heavily with unnecessary clot shots too. Slight change of tack, yesterday we were in a new local B&M store as we were nearby anyway. While we were in, Jinty spied an old workmate and left me in the gardening area to go for a chat. The lady in question, possibly 45 has had 6 months off work with blood clots in her lungs and leg, and has severe cataracts in both eyes and is nearly blind in one eye. I asked, “did you suggest that it could have been vaccine related” but no she never thought. Honestly, while we were in there, it was like the walking dead, there must have been three amputees in the place, and more zombies. All clueless.