Russians explain in simple terms what Britain is guilty of. There will be consequences.

The mercenaries captured in Mariupol were fighting in the Donetsk Peoples Republic (DNR in Russian) where mercenaries face the death penalty. The fighters holed up in the Azot industrial area of Severo-Donetsk are actually fighting in the Luhansk Peoples Republic. There may be a difference in the legal consequences of being a captured mercenary, but as I understand it, the death penalty applies there as well. Russia on the other hand (if fighting on Russian soil) does not have a law to execute mercenaries.

If a foreign national goes to Ukraine to fight against the LNR or DNR, it makes little difference whether they become members of the Ukrainian armed forces, or not. The British government is waffling to hide their own role in this. The mercenaries went there to fight against the Donetsk people in the DNR/DPR and the law is entirely explicit. Yesterday about ten civilians were killed and thirty wounded by artillery around the City Of Donetsk, some fired with British equipment using British ammunition, thoughtfully provided by the British government, and not one was aimed at a military target. The Russian government has been making it entirely clear to Britain what the consequences for our folly in doing all this will be. Shooting a few mercenaries by firing squad will be the least of our worries.

Russia can strike Britain anywhere they like within the terms of the ultimatum sent to the Minister Of Defence (Wallace) on the 13th April 2022, the terms of which he didn’t bother communicating to the British media, or even Members Of Parliament.  He should resign immediately.

Aiden Aslin one of the condemned mercenaries says he was conned by the media and was unaware of the risks he was running. If the British Minister Of Defence keeps vital information from the public, Aiden is entirely correct in saying he was misled. He was deliberately misled as are all the British mercenaries fighting in Luhansk and Donetsk. They will have little idea about who they are fighting, or why, and will have no idea that their actions could lead to the war arriving in Britain, maybe killing their own families back home in a revenge missile strike. RAF Welford was hit on April 14th though this too was not reported in any media.

Such considerations will not be bothering LPR and DNR soldiers or Russians who are no doubt looking forward to a few thousand firing squads, and the obliteration of as many British (French and Americans) idiots as they can lay their hands on.  It’s only a shame they can’t execute journalists who lie at the same time.  Maybe they will eventually, and we can all live in peace.  These are far more guilty than any slow-brained mercenary.  They know exactly what they are doing, are beyond evil, and not anything resembling a human being.

As regards the sentenced British mercenaries, they offer a great opportunity for the Russian side to change the narrative in the Western media.  If Aslin is put on the media every week while facing a death sentence he should sing like a canary and his compatriots will find themselves following his narrative which will include his being deceived by the British media and government.  The DNR might not be experts at PR but here is their chance to let the world know through the mouth of a confessed mercenary.  The execution can wait.



7 Responses to “Russians explain in simple terms what Britain is guilty of. There will be consequences.”

  1. danceaway says:

    How painful it must be for Maria to have to interact with these self-righteous Anglo-Saxons, as apparently the Russians have taken to describing us. They are abhorrent..

  2. danceaway says:

    Oh, I agree, but it is what I have read the Russians have started using! As an alternative to using the word British, I would imagine.

    • Aldous says:

      I lived with and amongst Germans for a long time but struggle to speak any German these days. Use it or lose it as they say.
      It doesn’t help when wifey and I meet a German and want to speak German but they invariably speak fluent English and don’t want to be mithered with pigeon-German they barely understand but just enjoy the moment and a drink.
      The reason I mention it is that we’re seriously considering brushing up on our Russian. I can speak a few words but not many. Their alphabet really fascinates me. More than 26 of our letters methinks.
      I love listening to President Putin speak.
      Foreign Minister Lavrov of course speaks fluent English (as well as Senegalese I think) and always conducts his meetings with English counterparts (not many these days with the hideous, incompetent likes of Truss about) in the English language although a Russian/English interpreter is always present as is the necessary diplomatic protocol. I wonder if the interpreter waves his or her fee for sitting there and doing nothing? 🙂
      President Putin’s English is nowhere near fluent enough for such meetings which are always conducted in Russian via an interpreter.

  3. danceaway says:

    Thank you for this, Aldous.

    Putin and Lavrov are each fascinating in their own way, but I do love listening to Lavrov and marvelling at his ability to use not just standard English, but colloquialisms as well, and to tease the listeners, so to speak.

    I should think that if the UK/US “leaders” ever deigned to listen to him, his delivery would go right over their heads; people like Lloyd Austin seem to have pretty limited cognitive ability, not just Brandon.

  4. Aldous says:

    Lloyd Austin!
    I’m pretty much color blind but apparently Blacks are fleeing the White House staff in fear of their lives!
    They have been told in no uncertain terms that they are only there as ‘tokens’ by their Jewish overlords and goy lackeys. Maybe a few have objected and been got rid of.
    I’ll try to find the article.
    It somehow reminds me of an episode of Cheers back in the 80s where barkeeper Sam Malone (Ted Danson) is hired because of his baseball credentials but hasn’t got a proper job.
    The money is good but he hasn’t got anything to do but turn up and do absolutely nothing. The company just wants his name and fame.
    I don’t think he was ever in fear of his life but if the White House employed him it may have been different?

  5. danceaway says:

    I must say that I immediately got the impression that colour explains Lloyd Austin’s rank. It must be dreadful to work under or for someone so apparently limited.
    But perhaps there are some redeeming features not apparent to the public!