Russians don’t do ‘narratives’. NATO is little more than a narrative factory.

Alex outlines what he calls ‘strategies’ but these are little more than narratives.  Yet these narratives are dictating and controlling NATO battlefield choices.  They change with great frequency and confuse those who are required to believe in them and sacrifice their lives.  In effect they are dislocating rather than motivating and driving.

The Devil has a loud bark but seemingly little bite or consistency.  With Russia it’s the other way around.

After world government had such massive success with the COVID narrative, which was more of a story than a real pandemic, they seem to think all areas of life can be controlled through narratives.  Unfortunately for many artillery is not listening.  Alex somehow manages to laugh his way through it all.

Monkey pox might be renamed Moneybox……by the public.  The WHO struggles for a new term which isn’t funny, and can generate fear and sales.