Russians arriving in Nicaragua. Rumours of nuclear weapons arriving in Ukraine.


From Hal Turner Radio Show: Intelligence circuits are ablaze this afternoon with information that Russian troop transport planes, fighters, and long range bombers HAVE BEGUN ARRIVING in Nicaragua.

I can confirm that President Daniel Ortega, (yes, the same one as in the 1980’s) has granted permission for Russian troops and military aircraft to be permanently  stationed in Nicaragua for . . . get this . . .  “humanitarian reasons.”

Here is the press release from Tass news showing the fact Ortega has given it his blessing.

RIO DE JANEIRO, June 8. /TASS/. President of Nicaragua Daniel Ortega signed an order extending permission for presence of foreign military contingents, including the Russain one, according to the official government journal.

In addition to Russia, Nicaragua will continue allowing presence of “forces, naval and air vessels” of Venezuela, Honduras, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Mexico, El Salvador and the US. The permission is valid for the second half of 2022.

The Constitution of Nicaragua allows presence of foreign forces in the country. The corresponding presidential order is being made regularly.

Like Hal said in his commentary on the above “humanitarian reasons” given for the Russians being there…humanitarian reasons MY BUTT!

But wait there’s more!

Sources very deep inside the US military have relayed a “rumor” that a U.S. Service Member “accidentally” shipped two battlefield Tactical Nuclear Devices to Ukraine along with Ammunition shells for U.S. M177 (correction:  M777)  Howitzers.

The “rumor” goes on to say that almost every security protocol for the handling and shipment of nuclear weapons, was breached in this instance.

The “rumor” goes on to say the US Service member will face a Court Martial for his actions.

When asked for the identity of the accused Service Member, I was told only “He has a Ukrainian surname.”

Johnny’s Commentary

At this point ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE as we are in the tribulation hour and in my opinion the nuclear portion of WW3 will start at any moment, and so we’re going to have to stay ready, as exhausting as it’s been!

At this point it should be clear that NATO and the USA aren’t really interested in peaceful co-existence with Russia but rather they want to dominate Russia and “Balkanize” the nation while plundering it’s vast resources.

Russia saw the writing on the wall and that they were being surrounded on all fronts (it continues with Finland/Sweden up north) so they decided to strike first, particularly in Eastern Ukraine also known as the Donbass region. Russia has made it clear that any interference by NATO or the USA will be met with force and recently Putin and all of his cronies have been very clear…they will use nuclear weapons when and if they deem it necessary.

Now it appears that they are establishing themselves here in the Western hemisphere with military bases in Nicaragua, Venezuela and of course Cuba. The Russian military has been operating in Nicaragua for awhile now so it’s not a shock that Ortega renewed the Russian permissions to be there.

As for the tactical nukes being sent to Ukraine? I would not be shocked to find out that it’s true. Why? It reminds me of the time nukes went missing on George W Bush’s watch circa 2007. You can read all about it by searching for “nuclear weapons missing 2007” and you’ll find a ton of information on the incident. Here is a link to Wikipedia.

So you see it wouldn’t be a stretch that such an incident happens again is it? If those tactical nukes are used to kill Russian troops on the battlefield there is no doubt in my mind that Russia would hit NATO and the USA very hard. It would rain Zircon hypersonic missiles on Brussels, Berlin, London, Washington DC and more!

Like Hal said this is just a RUMOR so far but keep the 2007 nuclear incident in mind before you go dismissing it all! Stay ready! Prayed up and prepped up at all times!

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