Russian reporter embedded with LPR forces: Russian translated

Reporter: Ukrainian fighters were unable to deliver ammunition to the front line. the fire was so strong that even the cartridges were destroyed, only empty machine-gun belts remained.
Narrator: It remains to deal with a detachment of militants. Through the powder smoke, you can see how the neo-Nazis, clinging to each other, are trying to survive a real avalanche of fire. Stampede, at first one group breaks away from the place, after a few seconds the second flees. They manage to get back to the five-story buildings, but not all of them, one militant died, and the other two are so shackled by fear that they cannot stick their heads out. One loses his nerves and suddenly rushes somewhere into the fields moving away from both the front line and the Ukrainian positions, the second clogs deeper into the slabs, curls up and just waits for his fate. but the Lugansk defenders did not kill the Ukrainian soldier, the detachment moves forward, ties the militant’s hands and quickly withdraws to the rear of the LPR troops. Here he joins the ranks of other captives, they are all conscripts, they say they evaded the army as best they could.
POW: They took me off the bus right at the checkpoint(guess it’s about how they catched him). I even changed my last name so that they wouldn’t take me into the army…
Narrator: Prisoners are treated here in accordance with all the norms of international conventions, LNR fighters even give cigarettes and a light, but their comrades-in-arms in Ukrainian captivity have a completely treatment.
. Soldier?: When my soldier, who was in your captivity, asked for a cigarette, his ribs were broken.
Narrator: Ukrainian nationalists did what they wanted, residents of Toshkovka say: they went to their home, threatened and took everything of value.
Man with glasses: These are marauders which the world has never seen, I’m ashamed that I lived in this country, that’s all (leaving).
The second man: They robbed the mine plant(?) right in front of us for two days, then the “troshka” store.
Narrator: Only these two residents have so far been able to get out of the bomb shelter of the liberated Toshkinskaya mine, there are still half a hundred civilians there, they were at first used as a human shield and now Ukrainian militants are bombing them.

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2 Responses to “Russian reporter embedded with LPR forces: Russian translated”

  1. danceaway says:

    Read this transcript in the light of the claims of the British mercenary that he was duped; even if he was, if he had similar experiences to these chaps, could he not have left Ukraine as other mercenaries have done once they learned what they were involved in and the risks they were taking?

  2. Belyi says:

    For the UK government to come out and ask that these men be treated as prisoners of war, instead of the mercenaries that they are, is a blatant admission that Russia is at war with NATO. Those of us who follow the real news have known this from the start.