Russia won’t initiate a nuclear attack. NATO could.

If attacked, Russia will fire every nuclear weapon at their disposal all at once.  Russia has a Doomsday capability, and that is their strategy.  Unfortunately people in the US believe they can win a nuclear war.

Other nuclear matters from Gonzalo Lira.  Ukraine has nuclear reactors on its territory – the first time in history a war has been going on where there are nuclear power plants.  At the WEF Grossi discussed the enriched plutonium at the Zaporizhia power plant – being enough to produce a nuclear weapon.  This plant is currently under Russian military control.  Ukraine was stockpiling fissionable nuclear material.  The question is, has Ukraine produced a  nuclear weapon?  NATO did not bar Ukraine from producing nukes.  Of course Russia would want to get control of Ukraine in these circumstances.

At the WEF Ukraine was furious as the nuclear threat gives yet another justification for the war.  On top of the bio labs, and the deployment of 200,000 troops to invade the Donbass by Ukraine.  Russia came in days before the Ukrainian attack.

The World Economic Forum panel where Rafael Mariano Grossi mentions the amount of fissionable material at Zaporizhia (starts at 5:15 of the recording):… My only other social media: Because I’ve lost access to all my accounts and channels to the SBU (Ukraine’s secret police), I don’t have any way to promote my content—so please be so kind as to share this video with anyone whom you think might learn something. GL