Russia understands who her enemies are. Let an American explain America, Gonzalo Lira.

Russia will not want to absorb Western Ukraine into the Russian Federation.  They are ethnic Ukrainians who hate Russians, call them Orks.  What future would be best for the rump of Ukraine once the war is over?  Gonzalo lives in Ukraine and has as much knowledge as anyone to discuss such a topic.

6 million people have fled Ukraine – 1 million to Russia.  5 million elsewhere.  Most won’t be returning.  The rump Ukraine State will be deprived of its youth and enterprising people.

If Finland, Sweden, Poland or the Baltic States were dumb enough to put nuclear weapons on their soil, Russia would roll all over them and make the Baltic into a Russian lake.  The US and UK, and the rest, know that they would lose a war against Russia…a real conventional war.  Russia will not tolerate nukes when they have an army all set to go, against opposition that is armed with ‘sophisticated’ weapons – which are overly sensitive, and very expensive, and few in number.

The current leadership in Washington is unbelievably irresponsible – talking about nuclear war as a real possibility.  Yet everyone will lose in a nuclear war.   The American global hegemon was an accident as all others were on the downslope in 1945 and 1991.  The panicked fearful US empire is thrashing about in a dangerous fashion.  They hate the Russians.  They’ve managed to impose this hatred into their tinpot European colonies.  They hate the Russians but they fear China.

Gonzalo is perceptive about the American psyche, being American himself.  The Russians need to distract the Americans and get them to ignore Europe.  They need to bore the Americans, grind them down and go slowly, while defeating them.

The Europeans need to peel away from the Americans.  Russia needs America to go chase someone or something else.  The American Empire is collapsing from within, and its thrashing arms are randomly dangerous as it circles the drain.

This is a truly dangerous moment.



3 Responses to “Russia understands who her enemies are. Let an American explain America, Gonzalo Lira.”

  1. newensign says:

    I agree with what Gonzalo says, but the so called ethnic Ukrainians are the remnant of Khazaria, that evil empire which in 965 AD, was destroyed by a Russian Prince, Sviatoslav, when most of its population was dispersed to western Europe, with large numbers settling in what is now Poland and Germany, many went further afield to southern Italy and Spain calling themselves Jews (note the word Jew was not in the original Scriptures).
    Zelensky himself stated that he was creating “A Greater Israel”. He said also there were about 200,000 Jews in Ukraine who would be made citizens – the Russians and other non-Jews are being used as cannon fodder to clear Ukraine to make it into a “Jewish” homeland again.
    They are using the same template to start WWIII as they did for WWII.
    It is not the American people who hate Russia, but the Khazarian mafia in control there.
    The British Empire did not collapse it was just transferred from the Royal crown to the City of London crown, as shown on government communications – The Royal Crown has a lion on top of it!