Russia has won the war in Ukraine.

So says a badly dressed, untidy, long-haired, bearded American living in Kharkiv, called Gonzalo Lira.   The Americans need to work out who to go to war with, he says.  From a tiny kitchen located in an apartment in Kharkiv, world strategic thinking is going on.  At least the counter looks clean, and his shirt – although really he should buy a new one.

Here’s some of the bullshit he’s talking about –  just ten seconds is enough.  Then flip to Alex Christoforou below to explain how the CIA is running the war in Ukraine.

Alex quotes an article in the New York Times, which fleshes out how the CIA is running the war in Donbas…with US and EU soldiers on the ground.


8 Responses to “Russia has won the war in Ukraine.”

  1. danceaway says:

    Kadyrov felicitating Chechen commanders and fighters of special forces, who excelled in Ukraine

    Read the paragraphs of explanation.
    note the ages of these men, their modesty, and that several are using crutches. Compare them to the British general shown in the video above and to western forces in general.

    • ian says:

      Yes D’, it’s the same when you see Russian Spetsnaz special forces or Iran’s revolutionary Guard, they look like they’d eat our troops for breakfast.

  2. danceaway says:

    New Chechen battalions being created.Once again note the variety of their ages.

  3. sovereigntea says:

    Head of the British Army, General Sir Patrick Sanders says we have “diminished” stocks of ammo at 12 mins.

    Truss, Wallace & Boris have spaffed our ammo & equipment up Zelensky’s wall for nought leaving the UK with threadbare defences and taxpayers with an eyewatering bill just to be back where we were before their sinister fools errand began.

    All of this could of course still be avoided by abandoning Zelensky’s regime to its well deserved fate, being nicer to the Ruskis & doing a deal to buy cheap gas & oil.

    That would avoid further British casualties and save us a fortune.

    Of course the three aformentioned stooges will only offer you war & bloodshed at the expense of your standard of living & freedoms.

    You’re paying for prisons.
    You’re paying for war.
    You’re paying for lobotomies.
    You’re paying for law.
    You’re paying for their order.
    You’re paying for their murder.
    Paying for your ticket
    To watch the farce.

    Crass – You Pay

  4. Gordon says:

    VolunTears: Volunteers deliver humanitarian aid to Donbass | RT Documentary April 2022

  5. sovereigntea says:

    Spending Our Way to Bankruptcy

    In the UK, Defense Secretary Ben Wallace has urged Prime Minister Johnson to push far beyond the 2 percent of GDP marker, recommending that 2.5 percent of GDP be committed to defense by 2028, and calling the Ukraine crisis a “1937 moment.” Other senior current and former British officials have taken a similar tone, with General Lord Dannatt, former chief of staff, demanding that Number 10 rethink its US-style “pivot” to Asia and dramatically ramp up spending on the Army to ends its status as the Royal Navy’s “poor cousin.”

    Taken together, the Western alliance already spends about half of the $2 trillion in global defense spending, and about three times more than its so-called main “strategic competitors” Russia and China do.

    The ramped up defense spending comes against the backdrop of skyrocketing inflation, spiraling energy and food costs, and talk of a looming recession or even a stagflationary crisis (i.e. high inflation plus high unemployment and stagnant demand) on both sides of the Atlantic. Late last week, economists told the Financial Times that the risks of the US and Europe slipping into recession have gone up sharply amid energy price crunch and the US Federal Reserve’s measures to raise interest rates to try to get inflation under control. Earlier this year, German industry leaders warned that the coming economic crisis could be the European economic powerhouse’s worst since the Second World War.

  6. sovereigntea says:

    Take a look at Erdogan in this footage note the body language.

    A man backed into a corner ?

    Turkey Agrees To Path For Finland And Sweden To Join NATO

    • Tapestry says:

      He’s playing the wrong side, the losing side, but as yet he can’t see that. He’ll find his Waterloo in Syria.