Russia has low rate of vakksheenayshun

The death toll will be MUCH higher than 2020-2021.

As everyone tries to hide and avoid the damn thing, I think there will be an economic breakdown, very high or hyper inflation, power outages, fuel shortages, “boil water” advisories, looting in the cities, and shortages of literally everything, which will last for years.

(The one thing I don’t anticipate—in the USA, at least—is a true famine situation, although, I could be wrong about that. But it’s not on my radar.)

Furthermore, I think that, at least at the outset (and you don’t have to be a genius to perceive this), governments and their propagandists will blame the plague on the “deplorable” population that did not get vakk-synn-ay-tted.

There will be a campaign of hate like we’ve never seen. However, I don’t think it will be successful, as reality will hammer through the bullsh*t wall with terajoules of blunt force.

I think this time, it will be particularly horrendous in that children (if they are vakk-syn-ay-tted and especially if they are booss-tted) will not be spared.

I think things will get ABSOLUTELY CRAZY when many people see their pre-teen or infant children die because of the government’s bullsh*t.

I also think Russia (and Belarus, and the Ukraine for that matter) will do well on a relative basis, as—not getting into an argument as to whether Russia’s vakk-seen f*cks you up as bad as the Pfyye-zzer etc., which I don’t think it comes close to doing—the vakk-synn-ay-shun rate in Russia is relatively low, the booss-tted rate is low, and, a relatively large proportion of Russians already got the vye-russ before getting vakk-ssed (if they ever got vakk-ssed.)

If it all turns out as I think, then Russia will be hugely empowered, on a relative basis, relative to Europe, and in fact, it is possible that U.S. hegemony over Europe would collapse.

Estimated 2000+ Ukrainian personnel encircled in Gorskoe-Zolotoe pocket south of Lisichansk; Russian artillery hit multiple convoys in Lisichansk sector on June 22nd; main road to Lisichansk is cut off; total encirclement of Lisichansk-Severodonetsk agglomeration *might* be fully completed this month. In the “if you can’t beat ’em, terrorize ’em like the Vietcong” department, assassination attempts on officials in Russ.-controlled areas continue – mayor Yurii Turulev of Chernobaekva village (near Kherson) receives minor concussion and shrapnel wounds from an explosion targeting his car


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