Rich People — Rx Company President — Buy Fake CVVV Certificates

Rich People, Including BigPharma Company President, Caught Buying Fake COVID Vaccine Certificates

“Top medical personnel” paid to be added to vaccine database without taking the vaccine.  Even on the streets of America.

Paul Joseph Watson

Police in Spain have uncovered a scam involving more than 2,000 famous people, including top medical personnel and the head of a major pharmaceutical company, who illegally bought fake COVID-19 vaccination certificates from a nurse without taking the shot.

The shocking revelations are contained in an article published by EuroWeekly News.

“Amongst those that have been investigated are leading singers, musicians, football stars, business people, politicians and top medical personnel,” according to the report.

Wealthy individuals paid to be added to the National Immunisation Registry without actually having to take the vaccine.

The most notable name on the list is President of PharmaMar José María Fernández Sousa-Faro, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Spain and a firm that has researched COVID-19 drug treatments.

“The 76-year-old businessman, who has not yet been summoned to testify, was included in the lists to reflect that he had received the third dose,” states the report.

A nursing assistant at La Paz University Hospital has been arrested by police for his role in the fraud. He made more than €200,000 euros in return for illegally adding 2,200 people to the national vaccine database. The more famous the person, the more money he charged.

It’s interesting that there are numerous sports personalities and athletes on the list, including footballers, boxers and wrestlers, given the reports of a significant spike in adverse reactions and deaths suffered by sports stars over the last year.

“The famous people investigated so far includes: José María Fernández Sousa-Faro, President of PharmaMar; Trinitario Casanova, one of the richest men in Spain; Kidd Keo, singer; Anier, rap singer; Jarfaiter, rap singer; Veronica Echegui, actress; Bruno Gonzalez Cabrera, soccer player; Fabio Díez Steinaker, former beach volleyball Olympian; José Luis Zapater, alias Titín, former boxer; Camilo Esquivel, recognised and prestigious doctor,” states the report.

“Let’s not forget the biggest scandal here: that the president of a pharmaceutical company would be so wary of taking a drug which all the trials and medical authorities insist is safe and effective. What does he know that he’s not letting on?” asks Will Jones.

As we previously highlighted in March last year, fake vaccine passports were being sold on the streets of America according to TV personality Andrew Gruel, who said he saw it happen.


(TLB) published this article from Summit News as compiled and written by Paul Joseph Watson

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Rich People — Rx Company President — Buy Fake CVVV Certificates

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