Retired Lawyer claims rolled out Covid jabs differ from those trialed before authorization

According to retired Australian lawyer Julian Gillespie, reports of death and injury post-jab has been rising exponentially, During his testimony, Gillespie brings up several other points regarding his concerns about how COVID-19 and the vax rollout were handled.

Referencing his country’s version of the United States’s vax surveillance program VAERS, Gillepsie says that the number of Australian deaths related to vaccines has gone from 2.4 deaths per year on average (since 1971) to as high as 800 deaths in the last 12 months alone, and over 110,000 adverse events reported!

He also questions the official claim that the spike proteins produced by the body in response to the COVID shots are not entering the cell nucleus nor altering DNA, saying that “in a peer review report … three weeks ago shows that the mRNA that is contained within these vaccines is also entering the nucleus. It is interfering in measurable form, with the DNA … It is causing disruption to a number of typical chemical activities,” including, but perhaps not limited to embryo health in females.


6 Responses to “Retired Lawyer claims rolled out Covid jabs differ from those trialed before authorization”

  1. ian says:

    It’s becoming more confusing danceaway rather than clearer as time goes on. One group of scientists saying that the NRNA is altering the DNA of recipients of the vaccine, yet others saying it has no MRNA or DNA in it. Some of these “scientists”, may be deliberate misdirection, or alternatively, a few different “vaccines”were used, or even a mixture of “vaccines”, and placebos. There haven’t “yet”, been the number of death predicted by Mikovits, or Tenpenny, even Cahill, yet I trust her Mikovits, which inclines me to suspect that the MRNA agent isn’t a major component in these jabs, as that was what they talked about. As I say, time is making it more mixed up instead of clearer.

  2. ian says:

    Meant to say that I trust Dolores Cahill and Judy Mikovits. I’m always in such a hurry that I’m too bloody stupid to read it before I press the Submit button.

  3. danceaway says:

    All meant to confuse, no doubt, Ian.

    This Canadian doctor has been “defrocked'” so to speak for prescribing Ivermectin, which tells us a certain amount perhaps.

    It certainly points to a lot of variety in the contents of the vials, which will hopefully prevent the huge number of deaths originally being predicted, based on the vials being consistent, I presume.

  4. pete fairhurst says:

    Yes danceaway, given the demonic evil confirmed by the Pfizer internal documents analysis then, simply cheating the governments and supplying saline/placebo to the governments who were funding these jabs would be a comparatively minor evil

    The profits of the Pharma corporations doing the supplying have skyrocketed haven’t they. No wonder, if they were charging lots of $ for phials of saline!

    Baseline for me is the Pfizer documents forcibly released by the US court. This is key info to my mind. Anyone who was foolish enough to take a covid jab should look at this data. And then detox as a precaution, regardless of saline/placebo possibilities. Particularly women who are thinking of having kids in the future

    So I’m telling as many folk as I can about the Pfizer documents. Care is needed of course because there is a tendency amongst the sheep to react in anger and to shoot the messenger when hearing such news

  5. danceaway says:

    I wonder if there is any chance there were/are come “good” people involved in the production of these vials who purposely put a spanner in the works by diminishing the amount of harmful contents?

    • ian says:

      Oddly coincidental, I was talking to a, let’s say, lady this morning, I’ll spare you that bit, but she was delivering medication to her sister, and tranquillisers to someone else because she doesn’t use them now, lol. We talked for a while on various subjects, then out of the blue she said that she’s never felt good since the Covid jag and a lot of others are the same. That’s with the expletives missing. To me this indicates that there’s a slow working dimension to these jabs.