Dubious War Propaganda: Kremenchuk Mall Bombing in Ukraine: Another False Flag?

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The latest dubious war propaganda out of the Ukraine would have us believe those evil, blood-thirsty Russian barbarians bombed a shopping mall in Kremenchuk.

The attack had perfect timing—it occurred as the G7 was working on a plan to further fuel the ethnic fire raging in Europe’s poorest country (median income: $2,963; in war-torn neighbor Bosnia and Herzegovina, where ethnic tension remains a serious issue, the annual income is twice that of the Ukraine).

Gathered at Schloss Elmau in Germany, the G7 elite vowed to stick it out for long as it takes to defeat Russia. “The G7 leaders’ own statement aimed to signal that its members were ready to back Ukraine for the long haul, at a time when soaring inflation and energy shortages—fueled by Russia’s invasion—have tested the West’s sanctions resolve,” reported Reuters on June 27.

Put simply, this is merely more crude and easily debunked war propaganda. Inflation and gas prices were on the move upward well before Russia went into the Ukraine to flush out ultranationalists and neo-Nazis responsible for slaughtering ethnic Russians in Donbas and elsewhere in the Ukraine, most notably Mariupol.

Biden, senile and cognitively impaired, repeats what his neocon handlers tell him, that is to say a passel of lies about Russia and the economy. Even the Federal Reserve boss, no amateur at scrambling the facts, told the Senate Banking Committee on June 22 that “inflation was high … certainly before the war in Ukraine broke out,” Fox News reported.

As usual, we get mixed messages from the financial elite. In April, the International Monetary Fund told the World Economic Forum that following the “pandemic,” we saw the economy contract and Russia’s incursion “(r)educed supplies of [oil, gas, and metals…and wheat and corn”]… and “the surge in food and fuel prices will hurt lower-income households globally, including in the Americas and the rest of Asia.”

In other words, if we want a return to a modicum of prosperity, we must eventually go to war with nuclear-armed Russia (the Russian Federation has more nuclear weapons than any other nation, including its rival, the United States). In order to get consensus (and, really, none is required) for war, the state must contrive fictional narratives to rile up the populace and get them in the mood for war.

Recall the obvious false flag event in the Ukrainian city of Bucha. The supposed “massacre” of Ukrainians in Bucha by Russians was not confirmed, certainly not by independent investigators, and even the Pentagon (including the Defense Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency) found no evidence of a massive war crime, as the war narrative corporate media reported.

Ditto the maternity hospital in Mariupol. “There was no Russian bombing attack on any maternity hospital,” writes Robert Lindsay.

We have testimony from multiple residents that all staff and patients of all three maternity hospitals in the city were ordered out of the hospitals on February 25. There are newspaper articles from that date saying this. The testimony said that the Nazi Azov Battalion took over the hospitals and turned them into bases. So there have not been women or babies or staff in any of those hospitals for 12 days. Russia says it never bombed the hospital. The damage is consistent with the Nazis setting off explosives outside the hospital. No one was in the hospital at the time.

Indeed, there are multiple reports of the Azov and associated neo-Nazis using their fellow citizens as human shields.

In March, Vasily Nebenzya, the Russian Federation Permanent Representative at the United Nations, complained there

“is an information war going on, more likely a disinformation war, and we would say that in the West—in the free world—where Russian information resources are being turned off and where any information which contradicts your version of events is not allowed to be broadcast.”

Nebenzya “emphasized that safety for civilians in Ukraine was not a problem for Russians because Russians were not bombarding them but rather it was Ukrainian radicals and neo-Nazis who were holding hostage whole towns and cities and were making use of citizens as human shields.  They were not allowing civilians to leave cities despite the fact that there were humanitarian corridors and that Russian units had declared a ceasefire,” writes Rhoda Wilson.

At the time, Ukrainian citizens told journalists that it was not the Russians that were using them as human shields and firing upon them when they tried to escape the war zone. It was the Neo-Nazis, now embedded in the Ukraine’s national guard. (See interviews in this video.)

Naturally, you will find little information about these events in the war narrative pushing corporate media. According to CNN, NYT, Washington Post, et al., it is the Russians who are making use of human shields, not the neo-Nazis.

The Tochka-U rocket attack on the train station in Kramatorsk is another example of shoddy war propaganda by the Zelenskyy government. The serial number on missile wreckage at the site is a close match to other serial numbers on Tochka-U missiles in the Ukrainian arsenal, according to Italian reporters at Kramatorsk.

In fact, the disorganized and highly corrupt Ukrainian government at first said the missile was a Russian Iskander, but this was later changed when missile wreckage at the train station was identified as coming from a Tochka-U.

“The flight characteristics of the Tochka-U result in a debris pattern which has the cluster munitions impacting on the ground first, followed by the depleted booster, which hits the earth some distance behind the impact of the warhead,” writes the editors of Veterans Today. “This creates a tell-tale signature, so to speak, of the direction from where the missile was launched, which can be crudely calculated by shooting a reverse azimuth from the point of impact of the warhead through the booster,” and thus pointing toward the Ukrainian army.

Again, none of these details appear in Western corporate media, and the people who investigate such claims are now not only routinely dismissed as tinfoil hat wearing “nutters,” but are also now considered by the FBI to be domestic terrorists.

As the fear porn unleashed during the “pandemic” demonstrates, Americans will, with the right dose of propaganda, believe the lies and crimes of the elite. It is fair to say at the time of this writing that a majority of Americans believe the nonsense Biden and his neocons have put out there about Russia.

The corporate media makes no pretense to objectivity when it telegraphs disinformation and lies to the public. In the last century, two disastrous wars were fought under dubious circumstances. The role of the financial elite in bolstering Bolshevik communism and supporting Hitler before his invasion of Poland is well documented (and is “disinformation” feared by the establishment). Henry Ford’s trucks brought German soldiers to kill American soldiers. It took the intervention of the Roosevelt administration to get bankers, including George W. Bush’s grand daddy, to stop funding the Nazis.

As of this writing, we don’t know who is responsible for the Kremenchuk mall attack. The corporate media unquestioningly absorbs all the lies and fabrications the government (including the corrupt government of the Ukraine) puts out as gospel truth.

The Biden administration—a government of neoliberal insiders and neocons—will continue supporting the Ukraine and its Nazis. As history has shown, the US, in particular the CIA, are fond of Nazis.

Team Biden doesn’t care about the Ukraine. The objective is the destruction and dismemberment of Russia and the assassination of Vladimir Putin. Biden and his controllers have made this perfectly clear, never mind Joe’s inability to deliver a message semi-coherently.


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Kurt Nimmo is a regular contributor to Global Research.

Featured image is from Sky News