1. ian says:

    Absolutely. She was the only one of them with a shred of human emotion. She was definitely taken out.

  2. David 2 says:

    She took on the globalists by campaigning against land mines and was immensely adored by the populace. If she campaigned for Palestine, it would have woken up the world to the demonic cult.

    One guess as to the cult that ruins the world?

  3. Tapestry says:

    I’m not so sure – that she even died. The Miles Mathis discussion of the fake pictures make you wonder. She predicted her demise in a car crash on national TV. How likely would that be? Following on, are Harry’s trips to Bel Air in Los Angeles a visit to a relative? The supposed rift a cover story. http://www.mileswmathis.com/diana.pdf

  4. David 2 says:

    I am confused by your conspiracy theories. CUI BONO??

    Why would Willam not want to see his mother? What about the other people who are supposed to have died in the wreck, I thought Jodi and Di were to be married? Charles and Camilla? The public grief? etc.

    Does that also mean that other high profile people such as JFK was not killed, RFK was not killed, MLK was not killed for exposing the plans of the globalists?

    • Tapestry says:

      Better ask Miles Mathis for his thoughts. Some answers are in his text, especially the role of Dodi and Trevor Rees Jones. Also Marilyn Monroe was a high profile person who Miles finds alive many years later. I don’t think he would dare to expose any more than he does. The role of James Hewitt who suddenly died, we are told. Is he another one to look out for?

    • pete fairhurst says:

      David, the other people who died were Dodi Fayed and Henri Paul, both probably spooks

      Mathis covers Fayed’s father, Mohammed, in another paper. He is all smoke and mirrors, the clear hallmark of a spook. He covers Dodi in Tap’s link I think, another clear spook. Ditto Henri Paul

      You cannot believe anything in the main media anymore, particularly anything that they say about promoted people like these. TPTB certainly have the ability to invent characters for their own nefarious purposes, and over centuries, even millennia, too

      Who knows how much of what Mathis says is accurate, you just need to judge for yourself. But one thing that he has shown pretty conclusively is that you can’t believe anything that TPTB say about promoted people. He’s done hundreds of papers, lots of which are very convincing. His Manson paper is a good way in

  5. David 2 says:

    Sorry Tap, I had not heard of Miles Mathis until you mentioned him in these comments. I will keep an open mind, but do not see how it would benefit Lady Di to stage her own death, especially when she was the most popular of the Royals.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Maybe she just wanted out of all the fame David. This is not unusual, an easy way out of the burden of fame is to stage your own death. It is not uncommon with Hollywood, or pop stars. See the Marylin article on the Mathis site for example as Tap said [Control F to find it] For pop stars it has the added advantage of increasing their record sales too

      Who says William doesn’t want to see Di anyway? He has plenty of holidays, how would anyone know where he goes for those?

  6. ian says:

    Whilst I accept her death could have been faked, Miles Mathis again makes great importance of relations and names, and as for his supposition from photographs, some of it is flawed. Ever taken a picture of a black car under streetlights? or any other colour car for that matter, the yellow sodium lights affect the colour. The lack of bug splatter too, he seems to think that these chauffeur driven cars will run for a week without being valeted tip to toe. As for the guy’s face, probably his best argument, but not 100% either, as he wouldn’t be treated by some NHS hospital, he’d be treated by the best there was.

    I accept that it might be the case, but Mathis’s “evidence”, is to my mind, sketchy and deliberately leading, like a magician, this is what you are seeing, sort of thing. He is in my opinion, very entertaining, but I find his work in a lot of instances like Spivey’s, not entirely convincing.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Fair comment Ian, non of it is proof of anything. It certainly is entertaining though and yes her death could have been faked. Spivey’s memoryholed article was very very detailed but that is gone now unfortunately

      • pete fairhurst says:

        Certainly far more entertaining than that Jubilee concert on Saturday, which millions are said to have watched. Top of the bill, Diana Ross was unbelievably hilarious. Her head look like it was made of plastic, not a wrinkle to be seen anywhere, she’s 78! The crowd next to the stage looked demented too, all with inane rictus grins on their faces and all waving plastic flags

    • Tapestry says:

      I agree up to a point ian. It’s only opinion as MM says. The part about Dodi being from Intelligence is a key point. As for Trevor RJ I knew him as a local lad where I was living at that time, and spoke with him at a party after the event. His facial injury was no different to the one in the pictures taken before the accident, which puzzled me at the time, but I never extended the thought any further until I read MM, when the whole thing being a hoax made more sense to be honest..

      • ian says:

        I understand Tap, and pete, and I understand that it’s only my current view which could change with more information. The fact that you both like MM, increases greatly my impression of his work.

  7. newensign says:

    The deep state hate the Monarchy because it can’t be removed by votes – democracy (mob rule) and is a block to their global plans what better way to destroy peoples attachment to it than to build up a popular figure like Diana, then suddenly remove her and then expose the royal families nefarious activities. They use doubles a lot, like the Queen’s twin sister.