Please, spare us the “Ukraine sovereignty” bullsh*t ! ! !

Submitted by The Armchair Geopolitical Analyst
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These are the facts:

(1) The US-UK-UA-IL-EU-NATO terrorist group staged a violent coup in Kiev, known as the Maidan Color Revolution, during February of 2014 which deliberately timed with Russia’s hosting of the Sochi Winter Olympics.  From that point forward began a preplanned and highly organized genocide of the Russian speaking majority living throughout the entire Donbass region of Eastern Ukraine.

Up until the commencement of Russia’s “special military operation” on February 24, 2022, over 14,000 pro-Russia and Russian-speaking civilians had been slaughtered by the Ukraine military and their Neo-Nazi mercenaries recruited from around world.

That data point alone constitutes a gross violation of the Geneva Convention.  A steady massacre of any populace over what was an 8-year period by a nation’s military qualifies it as a calculated genocide.

(2) Then there were the many bioweapon labs scattered across the Ukraine which the Treasonous Pentagon Admits They’ve Been Funding 46 Biolabs In Ukraine – For “Defense”.

Let’s be very clear about this pervasive US state-sponsored bioterrorism reality.  When the “world’s bioterrorism capital” — the Pentagon — is running a highly sophisticated network of bioweapon laboratories right on Russia’s border, the Kremlin has every right to smash them into smithereens, after the Russian military has safely removed the bioweapons, which they did.

Radioactive Report on U.S. Biolab Activity in Ukraine

The back story of the ongoing biowar being waged by the Western powers against Russia goes much deeper and is well explained in this exclusive exposé: Here’s the main reason why Russia has to completely neutralize Ukraine!

(3) Next up is the methodical encirclement of the Russian Federation by NATO.  NATO, after breaking every promise not to inch toward Russian borders, has done just that since the dissolution of the Soviet Union.  Erecting missile silos, establishing massive military bases and conducting military exercises in such close proximity to Russia is as provocative as it gets.  What would the United States do if Russia and China did the very same thing in Canada and Mexico?

What is quite incomprehensible about this dire state of affairs is that Moscow permitted such an offensive military build-up over eight long years.  Perhaps the Russian military also required that much time to manufacture the necessary muscle to counter any type of a ground attack by the West running the length of the whole western border.

Irrespective of why President Putin gave NATO so much slack, the Ukraine clearly presented the most threatening military posture of all.  In fact, NATO transformed the Armed Forces of Ukraine into the most powerful fighting force in all of Europe.  In reality, Ukraine doesn’t even have to officially join NATO; the US-UK war planners just as easily use the Ukraine military as cannon fodder without having to suffer any of the political blowback for (i) the serial war crimes committed by the Ukraine military and mercenaries as well as (ii) the exceedingly high number of Ukrainian soldiers needlessly killed, wounded and captured. See: UKRAINE ARMY DEATHS: 70,000 Plus 210,000 Wounded!

(4) Most significantly, President Putin was in possession of highly classified information which indicated that the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFP), under the command of NATO headquarters in Brussels, was poised to, first, launch a full-scale invasion of the Donbass region, which would then be followed by a highly provocative attack on Russia carried out secretly under a joint US-UK military command.  The AFP’s brazen incursion into Russia was designed to trigger such a forceful reaction from Moscow that it would somehow justify a military response from NATO thereby escalating to a potential World War III scenario.

The conclusive proof that such a sucker punch was in the works was evident by the amassing of over 100,000 AFP troops along the Donbass border.  Furthermore, the mass movement of weaponry, armaments, military supplies to the area could only mean one thing according to the irrefutable satellite intel—an imminent invasion.

When all was said and done, it ought to be now clear that the unified Kremlin leadership knew Russia was facing existential threats, thus the decision to launch the “special military operation” was made earnestly and swiftly.


There are several other inconvenient facts that clearly prove the Western narrative about “Ukraine sovereignty” as being utter bullshit.  However, any one of the four preceding indisputable facts are enough to cancel Kiev—FOREVER!

The Neocon Zionists behind this meticulously engineered Ukraine War knew they had to set up the battlefield in such a way that World War III would be all but guaranteed, but only after generating an unparalleled volume of MSM propaganda and prevarication incessantly beamed out across the planet.  Yes, that’s how hopelessly delusional and incorrigible that globalist cabal of criminally insane psychopaths has become, even to the point of starting a nuclear war.

All of which means that this thing is going to pop — BIG TIME — so that the a real GREAT RESET can take place without the slightest influence of a Psychopathocracy. See: An Abridged History Of The United States Psychopathocracy

BOTTOM LINE: Any nation, anywhere on Earth, that conducts itself the way Zelensky’s Ukraine has since his presidency began forfeits sovereignty over the lands where genocide is being committed. Similarly, unprovoked attacks of naked military aggression on neighboring nations often leads to territory(ies) being seized to be used as a buffer which can then be utilized to thwart future incursions.  Of course, when a country is being used as a main base for waging a biowar against humanity, as the Pentagon was doing all over Ukraine, that nation immediately relinquishes its seat at the table of the world community of nations.

In view of the hopelessly corrupt Nazi regime that controls Ukraine, and especially in light of the plethora or war crimes committed by the government in Kiev, it will be very surprising if Ukraine even continues to exist as a sovereign nation going forward.  Talk about HUGE unintended consequences!

Message to the most corrupt country on the European continent:


Ukraine territory currently occupied by Russian military as of Sunday, June 19, 2022

State of the Nation
June 19, 2022

Please, spare us the “Ukraine sovereignty” bullsh*t ! ! !