Patrick Lancaster’s team in an industrial estate in the Centre of Donetsk which has just been struck by Ukrainian shelling

Patrick and Sasha speak with a woman whose sewing business has been struck, her equipment and workshop space destroyed. Fortunately the women who work for her had just finished for the day and left the building, or there probably would have been some injuries at the very least.

Patrick sees the damage done to the stone walls of the prison holding POWs; this area is also important as a source of water for the city.

30,743 views 17 Jun 2022

With the attacks on the Civilian Infrastructure of Donetsk and surrounding areas yesterday Ukraine shelling destroyed 2 clothing enterprises and damaged a jail and water distribution point for the city in the center of Donetsk next to “DMZ” steel plant.

What was the target of this shelling attack on the center of Donetsk?

Was Ukraine trying to hit the DMZ metal plant? Or maybe hurt the Donetsk water supply?

Maybe they wanted to destroy a cloth enterprise?

Or maybe even still they were trying to kill or break free POWs from jail.

Here is my full in-depth report/investigation of all locations and interviews with witnesses. As always with full translations into English and Russian.