Patrick Lancaster ( and team member Sasha ) have a conversation with an administrator in the Kherson region

Patrick has a conversation with a confident, fluent Ukrainian who has lived and travelled in many parts of the world, thus gaining knowledge of many cultures which he compares to his own. (Paraphrasing – “Anglo-Saxons do not understand that we are not (NA) Indians. We are perceived as a third-rate world which they can loot as they like as they have done in Africa and Latin America.”)

An informative as well as interesting interview, an unusual opportunity for Patrick’s team.

11 Jun 2022

On 24th of February 2022 Russian forces began to come over the border from Crimea into the Kherson region of Ukraine. Almost imidiatly the Ukrainian forces and government representatives retreated from the region leaving the area in control of the Russian forces. Russian forces installed and new government made up of local pro Russian residents. This government has announced a tentative plan for the Kherson region to become part of Russia. In the following weeks after Russia ariving some pro Ukrainian residents held protests where some violence was reported. From our time here we can confirm that there are many not only pro Ukrainian people here but also a large number of pro Russian people.


In this Report I meet with one of the main newly installed pro Russian leaders of the Kherson Region and confront him with all these facts and more to try to dive deep into understanding the situation in the Kherson region from all sides. 

1:00 – Acquaintance with the Deputy Head of the Military-Civil Administration of the Kherson region. About myself, about life in independent Ukraine.

6:05 – About betrayal and patriotism.

10:26 – About US multi-culture and propaganda.

15:53 ​​- On the ratio of “pro-Ukrainian” and “pro-Russian” residents of Kherson and the region.

19:08 – About the protests after the start of the Russian Special Operations in Ukraine.

22:07 – On the attitude of Russian troops to provocations at protests.

25:40 – About mobilization in Ukraine.

27:22 – About Zelensky’s policy.

30:19 – The previous government of Kherson and the Kherson region after the start of the Special Operation.

31:37 – Appointment to the post of deputy head of administration.

32:25 – On the main tasks of the new government of Kherson.

35:50 – About communication and communications in the city and region for today

. 37:25 – Shooting in the government quarter.

38:21 – Kherson port and the fate of ships “stuck” there.

40:31 – Special operation or war?

44:34 – About the US influence on European countries. Comparative characteristics of the policies of Putin and Biden.


4 Responses to “Patrick Lancaster ( and team member Sasha ) have a conversation with an administrator in the Kherson region”

  1. ian says:

    Patrick’s looking well in civvies, and doesn’t appear to be starving. Good video. I think I must be learning to speak Russian too. It’s almost as if what they’re saying appears at the bottom of the screen.

    • ian says:

      Hope y’all know I’m joking bout the subtitles. My sense of humour sometimes backfires.

  2. danceaway says:

    Of course, Ian.

    A bit like James Corbett remarking on people not “getting” his sense of humour, satire, etc.