Not sure of the truth here.

(ian)  This is a pic from a recent article posted here, and it  was posted in good faith. The article said that they were not blood clots but were removed from people who died from blood clots. Richard D Hall of posted a video on his site re the same pictures and info.

I received this email tonight, so thought I’d show you it.


Apologies about the previous video I posted which I have removed from the
Richplanet platform.

The video explored rubbery strands that have been found by embalmers inside
the veins of dead people. The claim is that these strands are like nothing
that has been found before and are caused as a result of COVID vaccination.
I received an email which contends the claims, see below …

“As a former military medic and having been in theatre on many occasions
seeing the procedure done, I can tell you outright that the samples shown
in the Infowars video are pure disinformation.

What the samples in the video are, are varicose veins that have been
removed from a said patient, these come in many sizes as seen in the vile
show in your video, you might want to reconsider taking down the link and
do your own research before posting such content.”

If you want to watch the video that I posted on Richplanet (which has since
been removed by me), you can find it here …

I do not know whether the strands being extracted by embalers ARE something
different to normal varicose veins ?

I’d appreciate any analysis by suitably qualified persons to determine
whether they are unusual, and whether they may be due to vaccination.

Thanks, Richard.



9 Responses to “Not sure of the truth here.”

  1. Tapestry says:

    Good find Ian. The first reports from embalmers showed rubbery looking ‘clots’ which were whitish when blood was washed off. These later blackish ‘clots’ seem to be called varicose veins here and are not the same. There could be an attempt to confuse going on here.

  2. sovereigntea says:

    Video nasty !

    Microstab Phlebectomy // Varicose Vein Removal

    I would suggest a cautious approach when dealing with Infowars as a source.

    Actor by trade according to his divorce filings Alex is close to the Bronfman mob.

  3. danceaway says:

    I agree it is a good idea to give Info wars a wide berth when it comes to posting. It may be one thing to observe with discretion occasionally, but another to post.

    Very interesting if connected to the Bronfman clan.

  4. sovereigntea says:

    Nastier still. Whole vein removed from leg

  5. gpfla says:

    It is believed by many that info boards as well as Mike Adams are part of the establishment. Many believe they give disinformation and truth in order to confuse what you were looking for answers.

    • Occams says:

      I’ve figured Mike ‘Gomez’ Adams a gatekkeper/disinformationist for a verrrry long time.

      Many years ago, he made several pretty strong claims of cancer cures, as was his ‘specialty’, then; health.

      I simply asked for his sources. Once.

      I asked again. No reply. On my 3rd attempt at asking, I found I was BANNED (Disqus). And later discovered when trying to post, elsewhere, he runs like 9 websites under different names.

      I see a lot of info/referrals as a ‘source’ to Mike Adams. I try to tell posters to be careful when running with Mike’s claims.

      Falls on deaf ears.

  6. gpfla says:

    Info wars that is not info boards.

  7. Ander1991 says:

    I haven’t got into the weeds of all this least of all the “clot” types (e.g. white -vs- black) but Jeff Rense’s buddy Erica Khan has been putting forth some plausibly good content for over a year including re: Amyloid Clots -vs- conventional blood clots; e.g.

    — and/or go to and search on the left under “Erica Khan”.

    Yeah I know Jeff’s an old stager and shock jock etc etc so plenty of scope for exercise of discernment 😉

    otoh the sniffy complaint to Richplanet (using terms such as ‘disinformation’, ‘vile’ etc has some indication of the 77 Brigade (sc.: 777) about it imo.

    PS: what’s not to like about the spike?! LOL!
    “Highlights” [etc].

  8. Mick says:

    Mike “Wuhan virus” Adams’ own propaganda is just as bad as what comes from those he denigrates.