Norway cuts off Svalbard. Russia will retaliate.

The US wants Russia out of Svalbard.  Norway imposes a blockade.  Norway might notice Russia’s response.

The collective West is losing in Ukraine so they’re looking for anywhere they can hit back.  The West is in panic mode.

Syria worries Alex.  Not much detail given…

Britain is training Ukrainian troops in the UK.  That might also have repercussions.

Ukrainian soldiers sharpen their aim on Salisbury Plain (

Boris Osman is a Khazar.  Presumably male.   Simplistic buffoon is his cover story.  Reality is he’s a lethal killer determined on prolonging the war.  He’s a child, says Alex, while Putin is an adult.  Great put down from Maria Zakarova, the Russian Foreign Affairs Spokeswoman.  The reason Russia started the special military operation in Ukraine was that Putin is not a woman.  She alludes to Osman’s sexual preferences….