2 Responses to “No article, just a picture, but sometimes it’s all you need.”

  1. ian says:

    Most UK people don’t shoot nor want to shoot, and have no reason to look seriously at gun ownership. I did, I was brought up hunting and I’ll admit was slightly gung ho when young, nothing stupid or dangerous, not my style, but probably a little cocky like the young can be. I was a good shotgun shot even if I say it myself. Eley, the cartridge manufacturer claimed a three cartridge to a successful shot was average. I once 39 pigeons with 45 shots, and was generally a little below that average. I ate everything I shot, and when you consider the life farm animals have, with for example the average supermarket chicken being 5 weeks old, a wild life humanely ended is justifiable. I always tried my very best to be humane, I still rescue worms from roads, and I’m the local go to for injured animals and birds. I always opened my shotgun and remove the cartridges when near members of the public and tried to smile, be friendly, and give the public the opinion that not all shooters/ gun owners were dark and evil, as was often portrayed on TV and films, eg Bright Eyes. It was my main hobby/recreation up until I got depression. Guns get demonised, but I’m sure most and suspect all mass shooting are FFs, including Dunblane, hence Tony Bliars 100 year gag order on it, and they’re all aimed at disarming people. As I have often said, shotguns were always readily available, and due to the fact that only a minuscule number of people are murderers, no-one got shot. reckless people were never tolerated as everyone knows that guns are dangerous. You can get a loaded handgun for a few hundred pound I’ve been told, £300 or so pounds it costs. Give the guy £800. If you take it back unfired, you get £500 back, but fire it and it’s yours. Prices may vary, lol.
    The criminals and gangs have them but that doesn’t seem to worry them, it hardly gets a mention. Innocent Joe public though?? ie me.

    They make all these laws and use FFs and TV psychology to turn the public’s mind, and they’re easily turned as we know. The world isn’t there’s yet they fck it up for many. Hence my love of the pic, which is the real reason for gun laws.